Patricio’s wife is sexologist who told Portugal squad to masturbate at World Cup

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Ahead of his side's Europa Conference League final on Wednesday night, don't be surprised if Roma goalkeeper Rui Patricio has knocked one out pre-game.

That's because his steamy sexologist wife Vera Ribeiro actively condones masturbation prior to matches. The sex-obsessed senorita, who boasts a degree in psychology and a masters in sexology, famously hit the headlines back in 2018 having ordered the Portugal squad to enjoy a little self-love before matches at the World Cup.

While her advice didn't inspire Cristiano Ronaldo and Co to glory in Russia four years ago, she'll be hoping her husband can give his Roma side a huge helping hand as they look to finish the job by lifting the Europa Conference League trophy at Feyenoord's expense. One can only imagine what a night of celebration might entail should Patricio emerge victorious…

Pre-game celibacy is common in sport with many athletes harbouring the belief that jerking off before taking to the pitch can impact performance. However, according to Vera, that's pure poppycock.

The wife of former Wolves stopper Patricio, who has previously appeared on Portuguese TV to impart advice on how couples spice up their love lives, claimed in her 2018 book 'Manuel of Seduction' that regular hand relief is an invaluable reliever of stress. In fact, she argues that "nothing positive can come from abstinence."

Elaborating on her masturbation message, Vera previously told Portuguese TV: “The football player should not abstain from having sex before games, but we also know that in terms of routine they are not in contact with families either. We cannot associate sports performance with the occurrence of sex.”

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Vera, who has additionally taught sex education in schools across her homeland, has been known to actively encourage the people of her native Portugal to become more open sexually. She even shared some of her top tips in a 2021 edition of Portuguese magazine VIP.

These include utilising Halls cough sweets within oral sex, experimenting with electric toothbrushes and using water balloons in a wild manner. Tamer suggestions include making a movie, painting your partners body and eating items from areas of each other's anatomy.

Detailing the effectiveness of the cough sweets, Vera says: "If you want to leave your partner surprised and excited, just [take] a packet of Halls and put one in your mouth [when ready]. The power of this sweet is immediate in your mouth – and where [you will use] your tongue and lips."

With regards to the electrical toothbrush, the mother of two encourages others not to let it go to "waste", instead doubling up the item as a means of clitoris stimulation. Vera clarifies that the back of the brush should be used, with the vibration on, obviously.

Other top tips include using melted ice cubes as lubricant, raunchily recycling roll-on deodorant containers, using a pack of cards for strip poker and dancing the tango to spark a steamy atmosphere. Red roses are also encouraged with the latter to add to the romance.

Anyone else feeling slightly aroused ahead of the Europa Conference League final?

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