Nuno Espirito Santo's reign at Spurs was always going to end in tears

SAMI MOKBEL: Nuno Espirito Santo’s reign at Tottenham was ALWAYS going to end in tears… but it’s Daniel Levy who should hold the blame after promising a manager who would return the club to their attacking traditions

  • Nuno Espirito Santo’s time as Tottenham manager could end soon  
  • Tottenham suffered their fifth Premier League loss of the season on Saturday
  • Daniel Levy should hold blame after the long recruiting process in the summer
  • Espirito Santo was never really the right fit for the north London Club  

Even if Nuno Espirito Santo survives the week, it would just prolong the agony. Even if he manages to win a few more matches, it would only delay the inevitable.

We all know how this story ends; we’ve all known for quite a while. It’s taken the Tottenham hierarchy a tad longer to cotton on but it appears they have got there in the end.

Daniel Levy was on Sunday leading talks on Nuno’s future at the club, or rather his lack of one. News of the Portuguese’s potential departure was met with glee by the Spurs faithful.

Nuno Espirito Santo’s time at Tottenham could soon come to an end after yet another defeat 

Tottenham supporters had turned on Nuno long before Saturday’s feeble loss to Manchester United. Those that hadn’t, were starting to.

The boos that reverberated around the club’s magnificent stadium on Saturday night were indicative of the ill feeling towards the former Wolves boss. Tottenham’s toxic right now; Nuno’s position as head coach the root of much of that toxicity.

Growing sections of the fanbase made up their minds long before Saturday night. For them, Nuno isn’t the man — he never was.

Spurs fans showed their disgruntle towards the manager as boos rung around the stadium

Roy Keane summed it up succinctly: ‘Spurs are boring. They’re boring to watch. Really boring.’

Not for the first time this season droves of Spurs supporters, heads bowed, departed the stadium on Saturday night feeling the same.

Tottenham fans, begrudgingly, accept failure; they’ve had to get used to it over the years.

What they can’t accept, however, is no style or swagger. The ‘Tottenham Way’ is a bone of contention — many argue it puts style over substance.

It’s a valid argument, Tottenham have had very little success — certainly in terms of silverware — over the years.

Daniel Levy must shoulder the blame after hiring Espirito Santo during the summer 

But for those entrenched in Tottenham’s rich attacking traditions, the ‘Tottenham Way’ is the only way.

Of course, fans would be far more generous towards Nuno and his pragmatic approach if they were winning.

But Tottenham have lost 50 per cent of their Premier League fixtures so far, hence the restlessness amongst the natives.

It has not been all bad. Three straight Premier League victories to start the season — including a euphoric victory over champions Manchester City in Nuno’s first game in charge — had Spurs supporters dreaming.

But even during the heady heights of that 100 per cent start, the danger signs were there. Tottenham scored just three goals in those three matches, one of those a Dele Alli penalty to see off Wolves.

They’ve been unravelling ever since. Though the reasons behind Tottenham’s sorry plight aren’t all of Nuno’s making.

It is Sod’s law that Harry Kane has picked the start of Nuno’s reign to suffer what has been his only prolonged dry patch since breaking into the Spurs team in 2014.

But perhaps the biggest mitigating factor is that Nuno should never have been put in this position in the first place. The former Wolves boss was way down the list of potential candidates to land the Spurs job after the club failed to land a host of preferred coaches including Julian Nagelsmann, Brendan Rodgers, Erik ten Hag, Mauricio Pochettino, Antonio Conte, Paulo Fonseca and Gennaro Gattuso.

Truth be told, many at Spurs knew he wasn’t the right fit. Why he was appointed, therefore, will always remain a mystery to them.

After their loss on Saturday, Tottenham have now lost five games after just 10 league games 

Levy and the board, who promised supporters a new manager who would return the club to their attacking traditions, must shoulder the blame for that.

It seems, though, that Levy has finally acknowledged his error.

Those who want rid of Nuno may have to wait a while longer for their wish.

However, barring the most unlikely of turnarounds, it appears to be inevitable that their wishes will be granted eventually.

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