Now Manchester United stars come under fire for ignoring fans

Now Manchester United stars come under fire for ignoring fans asking for signatures at their hotel after Arsenal mascot storm… but other fans claim video exposes autograph scalpers

  • Several United players walked past the fan who was pressing for autographs
  • Some have argued that the players did the right thing by ignoring the supporter
  • The clip comes just days after Arsenal players blanked a mascot before a game

Manchester United players have come under criticism for ignoring fans asking for signatures.

United players were caught on film rejecting requests for signatures from one young fan at their team hotel on Wednesday, causing the debate around players engaging with fans to extend further.

The clip, shared on Twitter, shows players including Bruno Fernandes, Fred and Christian Eriksen walking past a supporter, who was pleading with the players to sign merchandise.

Some players acknowledged the supporter, saying hello or waving upon arrival, but none of them stopped to give an autograph.

The clip comes just days after Arsenal were bombarded with criticism for sharing a video of their players failing to speak to a mascot before a recent match.

Manchester United players have been filmed ignoring a fan who was asking for signatures 

The supporter was seemingly left with no signatures on their merch despite their pleas

United face Sevilla in the second leg of their Europa League quarter-final on Thursday


A scalper is someone who may buy something for cheap and then sell it on, for example tickets to a concert or game

On this occasion, a scalper may be someone that gets a celebrity to sign merchandise before selling it on for a profit

Several have suggested that this was the aim on this occasion due to the fans having several shirts in their hands 

Some, however, are arguing that the video exposes signature scalpers and the players did the right thing.

It is believed players are regularly told to ignore requests of the sort because of the regularity that people are after signatures purely to sell the merchandise on for a profit.

While it is unclear if this would have been the case in the particular video in mention, it’s possible players were simply following orders.

The timing, however, is less than ideal for United. Footage emerged of Arsenal players earlier in the week signing a shirt for an eight-year-old mascot.

The issue was, however, that none of them stopped to speak to super fan Olivia, with some even keeping their headphones in before walking away.

One of the stars was Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard, picked out by Olivia as her favourite player in the matchday programme, who approached her with his earphones in before briskly signing the shirt and making an exit.

Several other players followed suit, seemingly to the disappointment of Olivia and her father, who can be seen thanking the players and wishing them well for the game ahead.

Arsenal players including the side’s captain Martin Odegaard appeared to ignore a young mascot in footage shared by the club

But while some criticised the United players, several rushed to their defence on social media on this occasion.

‘If anyone knew anything then they would realise the kid has a few jerseys in his hand with a ring placed on the jersey for players to sign,’ one user said.

‘This is huge business and they use kids to get the signature then they go onto selling the same jerseys in frames for a few hundred pound.’

‘100 per cent just shirt sellers using their kids as bait,’ added another. ‘Look at that thing they’re using to make the shirts more flat for when the player signs it.’

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