MLS right-back scores astonishing 70-yard goal – and ball doesn’t even bounce

MLS star Aaron Herrera produced a piece of magic to score one of the longest goals ever seen for Real Salt Lake against Atlas FC.

The right-back took range from a mega 70 yards out in the first half of the friendly match on Thursday (September 22) after spotting goalkeeper Jose Hernandez was way off his line.

His strike took flight and didn't touch the ground until finding the back of the net in phenomenal fashion. Fans in the ground and watching on at home went wild having played witness to something they'd never seen the like of before.

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"This is insane. I don’t think I’ve seen a goal from that far out," tweeted one viewer. A second echoed: "My goodness. Never seen a deliberate chip of the keeper from this far out. What a strike."

One joked: "Give this man an NFL contract as a kicker. My God." And another commented: "I don’t know if I like the shot or the first touch better. He knew he was gonna shoot before he got the ball. Wayne Rooney eat your heart out."

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"Wow, Puskas goal of the year," declared a stunned viewer. And one added: "This is special. Easily the longest goal I’ve ever seen. And it didn’t float in. Keeper didn’t stumble or misjudge a dive, he had no chance. That was a bullet to the back of the net."

Unfortunately for Herrera, the goal ultimately meant nothing as Mexican side Atlas went on to turn the game around, winning 2-1 thanks to goals from Edgar Zaldivar and Lucas Rodriguez Trezza.

His boss Pablo Mastroeni revealed he tried the same shot in training and missed it, but that hadn't put him off. Herrera explained: "I saw him off his line for pretty much the whole first half when we were building out the back.

"On that specific throw I was looking and I saw him pretty far out. I was hoping they swung it round to me so I could just touch and shoot it and luckily it just happened exactly how I pictured it."


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