Mikel Arteta holds back embarrassment during cringe Arsenal press conference

The festive period does weird and wonderful things to people, and the same was apparent for Sky Sports presenter Gary Cotterill who added a Christmas twist to Mikel Arteta's press conference.

Arteta addressed the media on Wednesday after his side progressed to the semi-finals of the Carabao Cup the day before, and with so many talking points surrounding Arsenal at the moment, Cotterill presented his questions in a rather unique way.

Eddie Nketiah netted a hat-trick as Arsenal beat Sunderland 5-1, and once more Arteta stuck true to his word as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was nowhere to be seen.

But the reporter had a special and 'cringe' way to ask Arteta about recent events.

Arteta had his questions delivered with a Christmas twist as he was told by Cotterill that his questions spelt out 'Noel' for the festive period, and he quizzed the Spaniard on "Nketiah, Ostracised Emerick, and Lacazette."

The Arsenal boss couldn't help but smirk and tried to salvage the awkward situation by suggesting: "What about Papa Noel, you can say Pepe, there's an easy one."

However, it appeared to make things worse, and of course the Twitter community had something to say when the video hit social media.

One Twitter user simply replied "cringe" to the video, but they weren't the only one.

Another joked and said: "That's got to be strike 2 for Gary now surely," referencing when the reporter pulled a party popper when reporters were allowed back in to interview face to face.

One fan was in good spirits though, as they said: "Haha gotta tell the wife and kids about this joke."

It was certainly one of the funnier and more light heated press conferences, and Arteta will prefer those any day of the week over the gruelling ones he received to start the season as Arsenal got off to a poor start.

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