Matt Le Tissier broke lockdown rules and claims Covid ‘wasn’t what we were told’

Matt Le Tissier admitted to flouting the Coronavirus lockdown rules as he believed "the threat was not what they were telling us".

The Southampton legend has regularly made headlines with his strong views on lockdowns, the Covid-19 vaccines, and even the validity of some images emanating from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Le Tissier has previously claimed some of the patients on Coronavirus wards were “actors” while also stating he believes some of the videos and pictures from Ukraine were “falsified”.

Since his controversial views have become more mainstream, he has been relieved of his services by Sky Sports News and also stepped down from his ambassadorial role with Southampton, a move he said was to “separate the work I believe in from my relationship with the club”. And in revelations that may not be too surprising to many, Le Tissier admitted that he disregarded the lockdown rules to "make his own decisions".

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“Do not comply to stupid rules, that’s pretty much what I’ve done for the last two years,” Le Tissier said to the Rob Moore Podcast. “I ignored lockdown rules, I saw my family.

“They ignored the rules because they realised that the threat wasn’t what they were telling us it was and I knew that the threat wasn’t what they were telling us it was. That’s what I believed from the people that I’d spoken to, and the evidence that I’d seen.

“So I decided to make my own decision about what risks I would take as to whether or not I would see my family. I haven’t complied with their ridiculous suggestions, I didn’t get coerced into taking a vaccine and I stand up for myself every day.”

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Le Tissier also went on to blast individuals who want to listen to the government as “stupid”, referencing the fact that 126 fines were issued as a result of the ‘PartyGate’ scandal. And the former Saints captain urged people to “wake up" to the "nonsense of government”.

“You complied to all the rules and the people that are making the rules are laughing in your face and you’re still listening to them, you’ve got to be stupid,” Le Tissier added. “You’ve really got to be stupid, honestly.

“The people who made the rules disregarded all the rules. Now if that doesn’t wake you up to the nonsense of government, then I don’t know what will.”


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