Man Utd legend Wayne Rooney ‘punched every door in house’ after row with Coleen

Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney has recalled how he had a dramatic fall out with his now-wife Coleen, resulting in a rampage where he punched and kicked holes in every door of his rented house.

The all-time top scorer for both Manchester United and England, Rooney enjoyed an illustrious career on the pitch.

But the Evertonian was also well-known for his fiery temper, which occasionally saw him getting into trouble off the pitch.

Now, speaking on boxer Tony Bellew's ‘Tony Bellew Is Angry' podcast, the striker revealed the moment in his life where he has been "the angriest he's ever been".

Rooney recalled how the event occurred after he had first signed for Man Utd and he was living in a rented house.

He was going out with the other United players, he explained, and Coleen was not happy about it.

“When you’re that age you argue a lot and she’s constantly going on,” the now-Derby manager said.

“So I’m in this rented house and I’ve gone round every door in the house and punched a hole in it. The last door I’ve got to, I’ve booted it… and then my leg has got stuck in the door.

“I’m standing on one leg, I’m falling over and trying to get my leg out of the door. And then I lost my head again so I completely smashed the door in.”

The forward went on to describe how the aftermath was witnessed by fellow United team-mate Rio Ferdinand.

“So then Rio Ferdinand came round, he was picking me up, and he’s walked into the house,” he continued.

“He’s looking at every door and just seeing a big fist through every door and then a big hole where my foot’s gone through it.

“I just remember it after sitting thinking ‘what am I doing’?”

Back on the pitch, the former England captain admitted to his friend Bellew that he and Sir Alex Ferguson used to scream at each other during matches, and that his attempts at scoring from the half-way line used to wind Fergie up.

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