Man United fans happy after Erik ten Hag's 'fantastic' first interview

‘Only silver lining of the season’: Manchester United fans are filled with optimism after new manager Erik ten Hag’s ‘fantastic’ first interview as Red Devils boss offers ‘finally something to feel good and positive about’

  • Erik ten Hag has given his first official interview as Manchester United manager 
  • The Dutchman spoke after watching the last game of the Premier League season 
  • United lost 1-0 against Crystal Palace on Sunday in front of the former Ajax boss
  • And Red Devils supporters have spoken out on social media about his interview
  • Responses were mostly very positive, with one calling the appearance ‘fantastic’ 

Manchester United fans have hailed Erik ten Hag’s first interview as the club’s new manager as ‘fantastic’.

The former Ajax boss attended their last game of the season, a 1-0 defeat against Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park, and spoke out on the club’s website in his first official appearance, promising the side would improve after a poor season. 

He said: ‘It’s first: accept the current situation but also know one year ago, this club, was second in the Premier League. There’s potential… It’s a process, it will take time but I’m convinced we will come to that point where we get success. We have to work hard and it has to be based on the right philosophy and strategy.

‘I really look forward to doing this job, at this club with massive history, and we want to restore it where it belongs. We want to make the fans proud. Second, the current situation is obviously not that good. It’s a big challenge. I want to build and construct a team who are battling for each other, who are unified and who will get results.

‘Also we are playing in the Theatre of Dreams. We want to entertain. But in the end, the intention is to play fantastic football. If we can’t play fantastic football, we still have to win. I have high expectations from myself and that is also what I demand from my squad.  

‘They have to co-operate together and they have to give every day their best. And I would say, for me, good is not good enough. We have to do better… The way we did it, with dominant, dictating football, that is the way I want to act at United as well.’ 

Erik ten Hag (above) has given his first official interview as the new Manchester United boss

The former Ajax manager watched the Red Devils in their final Premier League game of the season, a disappointing 1-0 defeat against Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park on Sunday afternoon

And fans quickly took to Twitter to express their satisfaction with his words.

One said: ‘Hearing Erik Ten Hag’s first interview, very optimistic. I just hope he’s backed in the right way and given time to get it right. Love the way he spoke and one thing hits hard on that interview. ‘Good is not good enough’.’

Another added: ‘This first interview by Ten Hag is fantastic. I’ve fully bought into this beautiful bald man’, while a third posted: ‘Just finished watching the ten hag interview and I’m very impressed so far’.

And Red Devils supporters quickly took to social media (above) to hail his ‘fantastic’ interview

One tweeted: ‘Loved it, breath of fresh air finally something to feel good and positive about. Support, back and give him time! But only silver lining of the season I suppose!’.

A fifth continued: ‘Ten Hag’s interview really made me realise that we are going to be a serious club again and hungry for trophies…’.

While another concluded: ‘Loved it!! Sounded… like an actual manager like #SAF. Clear, concise, spoke with purpose, direction, clarity, authority & someone who didn’t look at all out of place. I really believe we’ve snared someone others would have wanted.’ 

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