Man City were once punished for financial breaches – and Man Utd hit the jackpot

Manchester United were the beneficiaries when Manchester City were hit with severe punishment for financial breaches way back in 1905.

City were charged with numerous alleged breaches of financial rules by the Premier League this week. And with the Premier League champions denying any wrongdoing and the case being referred to an independent commission, a similar event from the past has now resurfaced.

As remembered by author Wayne Barton on Twitter, City forward Billy Meredith was found guilty of bribery by the FA back at the turn of the 20th Century, which led to severe punishment.

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At that time, City were found to have broken rules that were designed to stop the rich from pumping money into football clubs by using secret accounts.

An investigation found Meredith was being paid 50% more than the maximum as per FA rules, with players also being paid huge bonuses.

The FA’s investigation concluded: "It is now proved that the club had for years systematically broken the rules by very unscrupulous means."

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It was proven gate money was going to club directors through private accounts, and it was also revealed that off the record payments to players were being made. Seventeen players were fined, suspended and even banned from playing for City.

A number of those players, such as Meredith, were then snapped up by rivals United, including Sandy Turnbull.

The former went on to lead United to two First Division titles, the first in their history, as well as the FA Cup in 1909 – going on to be remembered as one of the first footballing superstars.

With City falling from grace, Meredith returned for a second spell in 1921 having become United's oldest ever player at the age of 46 and 281 days. He would later achieve the same feat for City at 49 years and 245 days.

In 2023, City could face punishment if they are found guilty of more than 100 financial breaches with expulsion, fines and points deductions all possible sanctions.

Following a four-year investigation by the Premier League, it's alleged City have failed to provide accurate financial information in terms of club revenue, sponsorship revenue and operating costs over the course of nine seasons.


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