Liverpool fans loudly boo national anthem before FA Cup final with Chelsea

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Liverpool fans made their feelings felt before the FA Cup final against Chelsea as they loudly booed the national anthem.

Reds supporters have often booed the national anthem in the past and the 2022 FA Cup final against the Blues proved no exception. Liverpool fans also booed and whistled during the traditional singing of FA Cup hymn Abide With Me before the match.

Their booing was met with a fierce response online. One person wrote: "Whatever you think about any national anthem, it is extremely disrespectful to boo it. Stay silent yes, never boo. Liverpool fans wonder why so many dislike them."

Someone else said: "Not sure why some in the Liverpool end were loudly booing 'Abide with me' at the start. It isn't the national anthem, simply a nice hymn that is part of the tradition. Then to go ahead and boo their own national anthem. Could never be my team."

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"Liverpool fans who boo the national anthem are a disgrace," commented another Twitter user. As a third person added: "Liverpool fans are so wet. How dare u boo our national anthem."

Others, however, praised Liverpool fans, including one who wrote: "Liverpool fans always boo or sing over the national anthem and I think that’s pretty terrific."

Some Liverpool fans could also be heard chanting "f*** the Tories," according to reports on social media. Reds boss Jurgen Klopp addressed the issue of his club's fans booing the national anthem before the 2019 Community Shield against Manchester City.

Back then, he said: "I don’t think I'm the right person (to ask), I know a bit about the history but it’s not for me to judge.

"I know the Liverpool supporters are respectful. If they give that sign the reason might be a bit in the past. But I've nothing else to say about that."

Klopp will be hoping Liverpool fans are cheering rather than booing once the FA Cup final reaches its conclusion on Saturday afternoon.

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