Liverpool fan and friends scammed out of £19k for Champions League final tickets

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A group of Liverpool supporters have been robbed of one of the biggest nights of their life – as well as a nasty amount of pocket money – after unknowingly buying Champions League final tickets from a fraudster.

Ray McDonald and his mates were scammed out of a whopping £19,000 after paying a thousand each to see Liverpool face Real Madrid in Paris on Saturday, but when the tickets arrived the group realised to their horror that the PDFs were all fake.

They immediately tried to get in touch with the ticket tout, who Ray claimed had sold him legitimate tickets six times throughout the season, but realised that his Twitter account had been deleted and his phone number was no longer in service.

"We bought 19 tickets at a grand each so we've spent £19,000 between us. It looked legit at first, I didn't think anything of it," Ray told the Liverpool Echo, "[but] about 11pm last night I was about to go to sleep and my phone was going mad.

"I tried to phone [the ticket tout] and it said the number was not in service anymore and at that point I was like 'I've been done here."

Ray then contacted his bank to try and retrieve the money, but was told that because he'd received the tickets – albeit fake ones – they couldn't reimburse him and advised him to contact the police.

Over the next few hours, Ray said he received thousands of messages from friends and other football fans who said they'd fallen for similar scams.

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Tens of thousands of Liverpool supporters are expected to make the trip to Paris this weekend ahead of the big game and the club have organised for a 'fan zone' to be set up in the centre of the city.

After narrowly missing out on Premier League glory following Manchester City's title-clinching comeback against Aston Villa on Sunday, Jurgen Klopp's side will be hoping to end the season on a mega high, despite the fact the quadruple is no longer possible.

They'll also be out for revenge, having lost 3-1 to Madrid in the 2018 Champions League final following two howl ers from goalkeeper Loris Karius.

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