Liverpool brand Benzema a hypocrite for saying Reds "think they’ve already won"

Liverpool fans have recalled the antics of Real Madrid players earlier in the Champions League after Karim Benzema issued a warning ahead of Saturday's final.

The French forward has ruffled feathers ahead of the match telling Futbol en Movistar Plus+: “Liverpool have a lot of confidence, maybe they think they already won the game, maybe they think this isn’t the same Real Madrid as before, that they’re favourites.” However, Reds supporters have been quick to hit back at Benzema's comments.

Liverpool fans have highlighted the shirts worn by Real Madrid's players following their semi-final victory over Manchester City last month, with the shirts referencing an impending 14th European crown.

One Liverpool fan reacted to Benzema's interview by tweeting: “They were literally wearing shirts with the number 14 on after beating City. Hypocrites.”

Another supporter added: “He seems to forget him and his team wore 14 on the back of their shirt after they scraped past Citeh.”

Meanwhile, a third also wrote: “One minute they're holding up No. 14 shirts (already printed) before the semi final was decided. The next, their star player is paying the plucky underdog card for something he imagined got said.”

After beating City earlier this month, the Real Madrid players celebrated with their supporters while wearing shirts with the phrase "A por la 14" printed on them.

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The phrase translates to "Go for the 14" in English, with victory against the Reds in Paris on Saturday securing the club's 14th Champions League title.

It was not just Liverpool fans who were bothered by Benzema's comments, though, with former Reds defender Jose Enrique taking to social media to hit back at the 34-year-old.

Responding directly to a clip from the interview, Enrique wrote: “I really don't know what you're talking about. Nobody has said anything similar to what he is saying here. Hopefully we will give you 5 for talking so much.”

He later followed this up by adding: “What the f*** Benzema is talking about here? No one say at LFC that the thought that the game is won already.”

The two sides will meet at the Stade de France in Paris on Saturday to crown this season's Champions League winners in a repeat of the 2018 final, which was won 3-1 by the Spanish giants.

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