Klopp’s classy off-pitch gesture which saw change in management style of rivals

Ex-Liverpool left-back Jose Enrique has explained how Jurgen Klopp's impressive man-management skills behind the scenes make him one of the best managers in the world – and have inspired others into a change.

Enrique played under Klopp for one season at Anfield before moving on to Real Zaragoza, but his brief spell working with the German boss was clearly long enough for Klopp to make a big impression on him.

Speaking to the Blood Red podcast, Enrique said it was Klopp's conduct off the pitch which most impressed him – and he used an example from when they travel abroad for European matches.

"People outside the club say 'oh he is the best manager in the world' but when you are training with him, you realise why he is the best manager in the world," Enrique said.

"The intensity, how many hours and how much work he puts in. And Brendan (Rodgers) did as well and Kenny (Dalglish), all the managers I had at Liverpool to be honest.

"Obviously Klopp made it more specific and something that, for me, he changed most was the trips (for European games).

"He took all the families instead of just the players and now other managers do that. Pep Guardiola does, Mikel Arteta does and they didn't before that. They do now."

Enrique believes Klopp knew just how big an impact a player's personal life could have on their performances, and was able to tap into that to bring out the best in them.

"People just see Liverpool as the starting 11 or the 18 players in the squad, plus the manager and it is so many people behind the club, working to help the players play that way," he added.

"And it is down to the families as well. If things aren't right at home, you can see it out on the pitch.

"Klopp wanted to make sure that the players' families were happy at Liverpool, so how he did that was try to put them together between the women and the kids, so they are more happy and the players can focus on the football.

"So you think about it now and think it is normal but no-one has done it before [Klopp].

"It is something that looks silly but at the end it is true. We are players and I am not now, but I used to be, and we are normal people and you have your life after football."

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