Klopp insists Liverpool won’t celebrate until Premier League title is secured

Jurgen Klopp revealed his true feelings on when and how Liverpool should be crowned Champions…even before the Premier League season was suspended.

The Reds boss, in a JD podcast recorded before the historic decision postponing matches, insisted he could never accept the title was won until his side had crossed the mathematical finishing line.

Klopp’s team are stalled agonisingly close to that target, as they require just two more wins to be sure of winning the trophy for the first time in 30 years.

But with calls from some quarters for the Premier League to be abandoned and this season’s competition declared void, there is real uncertainty now over the destination of the title…while others say the Anfield club should be given the crown right now.

Klopp’s thinking is clear though: there will be no party until it is won properly. “We would not celebrate early – I wouldn’t have the job I have if I were thew person who celebrates the first party.

“If our fans didn’t celebrate this season then that would be crazy. They can fly, that is absolutely ok – it’s just not for us. My life is not about enjoying the moment. But hopefully there will be a moment when we can celebrate things.”

As the Mirror revealed on Wednesday night, there is a real appetite amongst a majority of Premier League clubs to finish the current campaign, even if that means playing in the summer, or into next season.

They will be guided by medical advice, and Klopp, in a statement to his club’s fans made clear that he believes football is very much second best to far more serious issues.

In the podcast though, he told Liverpool fans they CAN celebrate the achievements of their team over the past year, even if they don’t get to rejoice in a title success.

“People shouldn’t celebrate one day after it is decided, why should that be? They can enjoy what we have done, that is clear,” he said.

“We have to entertain the people. A lot of time they are disappointed with what we are doing, now they are fine with it and it should carry them through the week.”

Klopp made a statement to fans on the club’s website, insisting: “Football and football matches really aren’t important at all.”

And as the uncertainty continues, the German coach made clear he believes all supporters should concentrate on keeping themselves and their families safe.

And in the Duffle Bag Podcast, he explained that his philosophy has always been at odds with those who say winning is everything and the only thing.

“I like winning, but being obsessed, I’m not sure. The first thing I learned in life is you can give your best, try everything and still lose,” he said.

“So I accepted that early. I love winning, but getting obsessed with winning? No. maybe other people don’t want to hear this, but I am a Christian, I am fine with other people winning as well.

“I want to win, if we are better especially I want to win desperately, but if not, and there’s a good reason for it, I can accept it.”

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