Jurgen Klopp’s emotional response to NHS staff singing You’ll Never Walk Alone

Jurgen Klopp admitted he was reduced to tears by NHS staff singing You'll Never Walk Alone amid the coronavirus pandemic.

His Liverpool side are still some weeks away from hearing the famous anthem bellow round Anfield again, with football suspended until at least April 30.

The German boss sent a message to Liverpool fans urging them to do their bit to help give medical staff the best chance to care for patients struck down by the virus, by staying inside and listening to advice.

And he conceded the inspirational nurses and doctors working round the clock to deal with the disease had even made him slightly emotional.

“It’s extraordinary: I think yesterday I was sent a video of people in the hospital just outside the intensive care area and when they started singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ I started crying immediately; it’s unbelievable,” Klopp said.

“But it shows everything, these people not only work but they have such a good spirit.

“They are used to helping other people; we need to get used to it because usually we have our own problems and stuff.

“But it’s their job, they do it day in and day out. They bring themselves, if you want, in danger because they help ill, sick and seriously handicapped people, so I couldn’t admire them more and appreciate it more."

Liverpool are still yet to discover their fate as they wait to hear when or whether the Premier League season will resume, with the campaign being voided still a possibility.

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