Journalist who Jurgen Klopp snapped at clarifies why Liverpool boss was unhappy

The journalist who was slammed by Jurgen Klopp for 'all the things he had written' has clarified it wasn't something he had written.

The Athletic's James Pearce said: "I’ve since been told he was reacting to something he read elsewhere the past few days. Nothing I’d written."

The row comes after Klopp appeared to snap at Pearce when he asked a question following the 3-0 defeat by Wolves on Saturday afternoon.

In his frosty press conference, Klopp said: "It's very difficult to talk to you if I'm 100% honest. I would prefer not to do that. You know why, for all the things you wrote. If somebody else wants to ask that question then I'll answer it."

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Fans responded to Pearce's clarification of the incident. One fan joked: "No way did Klopp confuse James Pearce with Melissa Reddy and ended up embarrassing him publicly in front of his peers for an article that wasn’t his I’m crying!"

"Love Klopp but really hopes he apologises for this," a second added. While a third tweeted: "Think it’s time James Pearce chose another club. Brutal from Klopp!"

And a fourth said: "Just caught up on the James Pearce and Klopp stuff. Amazing. Even better because Klopp got it wrong."

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Liverpool's poor start to 2023 continued on Saturday – with the Reds being embarrassed by Wolves at Molineux.

Klopp's side were torn apart in the opening stages, with Wolves finding the net twice. Ruben Neves rounded off the performance in the second half.


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