John Terry includes Denise Van Outen when asked his ‘three favourite 90s babes’

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Legendary Chelsea defender John Terry has revealed who he named as his three "favourite babes" back in 1998, including Denise Van Outen.

The former England captain has become one of the most entertaining ex-players on social media in recent months.

Terry shared a player profile on his Instagram story which included a range of favourites, with band, TV show, commentator and team-mate amongst them.

Having not yet married his wife Toni, Terry was also asked to name his 'favourite babe', to which he was able to list three women as he replied: "I have three: Denise Van Outen, Mel Sykes and Samantha Janus."

Van Outen is an actress and presenter who was working as one of the hosts on The Big Breakfast back in 1998 and won the Rear of the Year award a year later.

She is currently the narrator for reality show The Only Way is Essex and finished second on Strictly Come Dancing in 2012.

Sykes also worked for The Big Breakfast during the late 90s, showing that Terry must have been a fan of the Channel 4 morning show.

The Manchester native is also a model and shot to fame after appearing in adverts for Boddingtons Bitter.

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Meanwhile, Janus, who is now Samantha Womack, is an actress, singer and model who went on to appear as Ronnie Mitchell in Eastenders, which Terry also named as his favourite soap.

Having been the UK's entrant for the Eurovision Song Contest in 1991, she was starring in sitcom Babes in the Wood at the time of Terry naming her one of his favourite babes.

In addition to his entertaining Instagram posts, Terry has also amused fans on Twitter since setting up an account back in November.

Shortly after signing up he embarrassed a number of fans after they had made wife jokes in response to his early tweets.

Terry has been out of work since the end of last season having left his role as Aston Villa assistant manager.

He has since been linked with a host of clubs as he looks for his first management role, most recently the Ipswich Town job.

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