Jeremy Clarkson claims he was "punched in the head" by boozy Man City fans

Jeremy Clarkson has detailed a heated incident where he was allegedly struck in the head by a Manchester City supporter in the build-up to the Champions League final in Porto.

The Chelsea-supporting former Top Gear host hired out a private jet to watch the European showpiece as part of a father and sons' day trip.

Clarkson was left delighted with the final result at the Estadio do Dragao as his team secured their second Champions League crown by beating City.

But a confrontation with City fans outside the stadium after being separated from friends threatened the luxurious trip.

“After a flight where the refreshment flowed, we had a long lunch in the Portuguese sunshine, which meant I was quite cheerful when we arrived at the stadium,” Clarkson wrote in his column for The Sun.

“So cheerful, in fact, that I got separated from my party and found myself surrounded by some good-natured City fans who decided to express their good-naturedness by punching me in the side of the head.

“It took ten minutes to convince a policeman that it was just ­joshing that had gone a bit wrong and that no one needed to go to the station.

“And then I had to spend another ten minutes watching an ambulanceman move his finger around to convince himself that I didn’t need to go to the hospital either.

“But eventually, I wobbled into the stadium to do 97 minutes of excitable shouting.”

Clarkson, who paid £515 for his ticket, had the last laugh in footballing terms as Kai Havertz scored the decisive winner to seal Chelsea's triumph.

But his trip took a turn for the worst again as he was left stranded in Portugal following a cancelled flight.

The 61-year-old decided his only option was to charter another private jet home after all scheduled flights back to the UK were full.

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