Javier Hernandez in tears after transfer admission explains his Man Utd status

Many players come and go over years at a football club.

But every now and then a player captures the heart of that particular team. For one reason or another he gets the club – it's values, history and what it stands for – and the fans respond.

Manchester United supporters have perhaps had more than a few of these players with which they have shared a deep affinity.

From Eric Cantona to Park Ji-sung, Red Devils fans have shared special relationships with certain individuals more than others.

And perhaps the man at the top of this list over the past decade is Javier Hernandez.

Chicharito, as he is known affectionately, joined United in 2010 from Guadalajara.

The Mexican striker's intense work rate and ability to pop up in the right place at the right time to score important goals after coming off the bench – much like Ole Gunnar Solskjaer used to do – struck a chord with United fans.

He quickly became a fan-favourite, and there was much sadness among the faithful when after five years he left United for Real Madrid on loan before joining German outfit Bayer Leverkusen.

Back in January a video emerged capturing the moment Hernandez realised his playing career in Europe had come to an end

It was before his switch to LA Galaxy, where he knew he was off to play football at a lower level to what he had been used to at clubs like Man United.

In the clip Chicharito breaks down in tears, as he says: "I wanted to speak to you guys because the thing is about to get done.

"It's almost certain that I'm going to LA. It's okay, everything is perfect, it's only that, well it's like the beginning of my retirement."

Hernandez's father briefly interjects, but his son continues: "Dad, try to understand me. Don't worry, look what I mean is that we're saying goodbye to a career that we put a lot of effort on and we worked, and I know you guys also feel it.

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