Harry Maguire booing so "disgusting" that Paul Merson left his seat at Wembley

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Manchester United fans should rally round Harry Maguire this weekend because England fans treated him disgracefully.

I was at Wembley for the Ivory Coast game when Maguire got booed. I had to leave my seat and watch it on the TV inside our box I was so disgusted. They booed when his name was read out and they booed whenever he touched the ball. I didn't feel comfortable at all.

What I heard was absolutely disgusting at the highest level. He has never let England down. Ever. He doesn't let United down either. He just doesn't play well sometimes. If his mum and dad or his girlfriend were at Wembley, how must they feel? They must be so proud of him playing for his country and then they have to watch him get jeered like that. Honestly, it was disgraceful. Really, really bad. Those fans should be ashamed of themselves.

I never got booed playing for England. I don't think there's more than a handful of players who ever have been. But we need Harry Maguire. He is a massive player for England. One of the first names on the teamsheet. I'm not surprised Gareth Southgate was so angry about it. I was too. It's bad enough whoever it is, but when it's one of your main players. Wow.

You just don't do that. It's an absolute joke. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It's a dream to play for your country and they actually tried to ruin it for him. Unreal. To be fair to Maguire he's very thick-skinned and played very well in the game. But that's the sort of thing that can destroy your confidence.

I don't get it at club level when players get booed either but playing for England? My God. What has he done wrong exactly to deserve that? How would these people like it if I turned up at their place of work and booed them every time they did anything? It's ridiculous.

How do you think fans will treat Harry Maguire going forward? Let us know in the comments section.

It's hard enough playing for your country as it is. But if I knew I was going to get booed every time I played, I wouldn't want to play. I hope it stops. And I hope United fans show him the love this weekend. I'm sure they will. We don't want Harry Maguire being the scapegoat every time England lose a game.

Some of these people booing would have been there with their parents. If my son had done that I would have gone mad. You don't boo a player. We want to win the World Cup. We have the best chance of winning it that we've had in years. Don't sabotage it like that. We're better than this.

Remember when Bukayo Saka missed his penalty, got abused online, and rival fans were clapping him at matches to show their support? That's the sort of class we should be showing Maguire. He's one of our main centre halves. We need him.

England need another Vardy party

Jamie Vardy should come back and play for England at the World Cup. It won't happen but I'd love to see him back in the squad. I'm not sure about Ollie Watkins. I would have had Danny Ings in front of him and suddenly he's the second-choice centre forward for England.

After Harry Kane we don't have another international class centre forward. It's one of the big holes in the squad. That's why I always say Jamie Vardy was a big, big loss for England. People can say he's a bit old now.

But if you're just there to sub in for Kane sometimes there's no-one better suited. He's lively, infectious, makes great runs and is a good finisher. That's where we miss out really. It doesn't matter about his age.

He doesn't have to play 90 minutes three times in a week at a World Cup. He's someone who's movement is world class and he can come on and take the pressure off Kane when we're winning a game.

Chelsea far from safe despite takeover battle

Chelsea face worrying times for me the longer the sale process goes on – and in a few years time the club could look very different. Whoever buys Chelsea isn't putting the sort of money in that Roman Abramovich did. And if it's an American who buys the club, you have to ask questions.

How successful have the American owners been at Manchester United? Or Arsenal? How much money have they invested really? I'm not sure how much longer Chelsea are going to stay among the elite the way it's going. Unless the new owners spend big money I can't see them staying where they are.

All their rivals will keep investing and buying players. And Chelsea already need to find three centre halves. Andreas Christensen is leaving. Antonio Rudiger doesn't look like he's staying either. Thiago Silva is another year older. Even Cesar Azpilicueta could go.

It's going to be hard for Chelsea. And I'm not sure the sale gets done by the end of April. So many things could still go wrong.

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