Harry Kane and Alan Shearer compare their best qualities

Harry Kane and Alan Shearer compare their best qualities as the Tottenham striker claims he has the edge in penalty taking, but concedes defeat when it comes to speed… and neither can agree on who will score most Premier League goals!

  • Alan Shearer visited Harry Kane at Tottenham’s training ground earlier this week
  • Kane went past Jimmy Greaves to stand alone as Tottenham’s leading scorer
  • Two forwards took part in internet craze ‘This or That’ over a number of topics

Harry Kane and Alan Shearer have taken part in the internet craze ‘This or That’ which saw the two of them decide who is better at a number of things, including penalty taking and golf.

Shearer visited Tottenham’s training ground this week following Kane becoming the club’s all-time leading scorer against Manchester City last weekend – and in the process joining only the former Blackburn and Newcastle forward and Wayne Rooney to hit 200 Premier League goals. 

Perhaps taking inspiration from Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher’s own version of the challenge a few weeks prior, Kane and Shearer were put to the test by the BBC – though they seemed more placable than the two pundits. 

The video started without much of a hitch, with Kane very happy to admit that Shearer had the better celebration. 

Kane, however, was able to get a point on the board with the next question relating to who had the best first touch. ‘Definitely Harry now, not so much me,’ Shearer said. 

Harry Kane was happy to accept that Alan Shearer had a better goal celebration than he

Shearer – joking about his post-retirement abilities – said Kane has the better first touch

‘I’ll go myself,’ Kane added, with Shearer agreeing. 

The two were again able to agree on the next topic, with Kane willing to concede that Shearer was quicker than him in his playing days. 

Not known for his explosive speed over a number of metres, Kane is known to drop deep in an effort to find and make space for himself. 

Avoiding the awkwardness of Kane’s high-profile miss from the spot two months ago Shearer accepted the Tottenham forward was better from 12-yards

In what could have proven to an awkward topic just two months on from his devastating miss against France from the spot in the quarter-finals of the World Cup, the next question asked who is the better penalty taker.

With both continuing to display good humour, they settled that Kane – having missed fewer than Shearer – is the better taker. 

Little debate took place over the player most likely to be booked. Having been booked 41 times in his Premier League career and sent off twice, compared to Kane’s 36 cards and zero reds, Shearer was able to concede. 

Shearer believes he was quicker than Kane during his playing days in the Premier League

Not much of a debate on that one! The former Newcastle forward was forced to concede on the hair question

A big one for a lot of footballers – keen golfers Kane and Shearer pored over who was the better golfer

Both keen golfers, it appeared to pain Shearer more than any other to have to admit that Kane is the better player round 18. 

‘I think I’ll go myself,’ Kane said. 

‘Just!’ Shearer responded.

‘Who’s got the best hair?’ the next question asked much to the hilarity of both taking part. 

Big question on everyone’s lips is where Kane will finish in the Premier League scoring charts – Shearer is in no doubt he will be usurped 

Pointing at Kane, Shearer said of his own follicle situation: ‘There’s not much there, is there?’

The big question that every observer wants answered is whether they both believe Kane will finish above Shearer in the Premier League scoring charts. 

Kane, on 200 goals, has 60 to get to catch Shearer – but neither are left in any doubt about who will be higher in the charts come the end of Kane’s career. 

With a grin etched across his face, Shearer pointed to Kane.  

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