Gary Lineker leads fury as Aston Villa denied penalty by VAR in stoppage time

Aston Villa were denied a last-gasp chance to equalise against Brighton on Saturday.

Dean Smith watched on is disbelief as Michael Oliver changed his mind following VAR advice after originally judging that Solly March had taken down Trezeguet inside the area.

With the score standing at 2-1 to the away side at Villa Park, the ref went to the monitor and quickly decided that March had got enough on the ball before the contact with his opponent.

Gary Lineker is one of many who have since questioned that judgement, with the former England striker suggesting that it was of the most blatant penalties in recent memory.

He said: "Crikey. That’s a penalty most weeks.

“May have flicked the ball but definitely not a clear and obvious error.”

As well as the confusion, there has been support for Oliver, with many debating over whether it could have been a foul after the defending player had touched the ball.

One fan said: “Clearly kicks Trezeguet. March doesn’t appeal when it’s first given. What a shocking decision Michael Oliver.”

A second said: “I genuinely don’t know if that follow through means it should be a pen or not.

“Michael Oliver probably knows the laws better than I do.”

With professional snooker player Neil Robertson adding: “Geez what an end to the Villa Brighton game.

“Did Michael Oliver make a clear and obvious error to overrule his own decision?”

Danny Welbeck had given Brighton the lead before March cancelled out an equaliser from Ezri Konsa, and he told BT Sport of the referee’s decision at the end: "He got the ball didn't he? There is contact, it's a difficult one, but it's not a penalty."

Former England goalkeeper Rob Green told BBC Sport : “That's great refereeing.

“To be big enough and say, "I made a mistake. I think the right decision has been made.”

PGMOL clarification has said that March got enough on the ball to rule out the need for a penalty.

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