Forest fans’ Hillsborough chants heard despite their supporters being at tragedy

A section of Nottingham Forest fans sung vile Hillsborough chants during their win over Liverpool despite their fans being at the tragedy.

There were several reports of Forest supporters referencing the disaster during the match at the City Ground on Saturday afternoon, which the home side won 1-0. Forest fans were in the opposite end of the ground when 97 Liverpool supporters died during the tragic disaster in April 1989.

Claims from journalists on social media suggested chants of "always the victims" and "sign on" could be heard ahead of kick-off, with the former sang several times during the match.

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Their behaviour has since been slammed on social media, with one fan tweeting: “Nottingham Forest fans, who fortunately for them had the opposite end at Hillsborough in 1989, showing all their self-awareness there. Grim.”

Another also wrote: “How anyone can sing songs that reference people losing their lives is beyond me. How Forest can do it genuinely blows my mind.”

A third added: “To the Forest fans singing ‘always the victims’ it could have easily been 97 of your own fans that day. Don’t follow every other moron in this country using the Hillsborough shouts because you think it’s edgy. Have some class.”

Forest supporters have also hit out at the actions of a select group of their fans, with one writing: “If this is true then I'm disgusted and ashamed to say I'm a forest fan, find these evil scum and ban them for life they have no idea.”

Ahead of the match, Forest fans had called for their fellow supporters not to mock the disaster during the match, with others displaying tributes to those who lost their lives 33 years ago.

One touching banner was seen in the home end during the match, with the badges of both clubs combined along with the words: "Never forgotten."


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