Football match abandoned after linesman hit on the head by flying pint of beer

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A Bundesliga clash between Bochum and Borussia Monchengladbach was abandoned on Friday after a linesman was hit on the head by a pint of beer thrown from the crowd.

Gladbach were 2-0 ahead at the time of the incident thanks to goals from Alassane Plea and Breel Embolo. But the duo's strikes were for nothing after the game was brought to a halt with 19 minutes remaining after linesman Christian Gittelman was hit on the head by the beer cup.

The disgraceful incident happened on the far side of the pitch in front of the Bochum fans. After being hit, Gittelman dropped his flag to the ground before slinging the empty vessel towards the advertising hoardings.

He then kneeled on the pitch and rubbed the back of his head, giving a thumbs-up sign to referee Benjamin Cortus that he was ok and seemingly able to continue.

But in a defiant act of solidarity, the team of match officials all left the field as Bochum's players went over to remonstrate with their supporters.

After a number of minutes the stadium announcer confirmed that the game was postponed as a result of the incident. And 15 minutes later, the Gladbach team returned to the field to salute their traveling supporters who had made the 47-mile trip to watch their side in action.

Bochum later released a statement on Twitter apologising to Christian Gittelmann, the linesman hit with the cup.

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It said: "We formally apologise as VfL Bochum 1848 for this incident. We wanted to celebrate a football festival, gain important points in our bid to stay up.

"It's a great pity that it has now come to this. This just can't happen. We wish the linesman a speedy recovery.

"We've shown throughout the season what wonderful fans we have. This is the act of one individual. I'm very sad about."

The march was the first time that Bochum had been able to have more than 20,000 fans inside the ground since Covid-19 restrictions were eased in Germany.

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