Football League faces salary cap delay as negotiations drag on

Salary caps in the EFL may have to be put back by a year.

Negotiations have been ongoing for weeks between clubs in League One and Two together with the Championship about putting a limit on player contracts.

But still no agreement has been reached and, even though the EFL stress there is still time to bring them in for the 2020/21 campaign, the clock is ticking.

The EFL are likely to follow suit with the Premier League and move towards starting next season on September 12 which means they will have to reach an agreement soon to allow clubs to plan ahead.

Latest proposals included budgetary controls which could limit annual spending on wages to around £18million in the Championship, £2.5m in League One and £1.25m in League Two.

There would be a transitional period to allow big-spending clubs to fall into line and any new signings to replace big earners would have to be done on a low average salary across the division with figures yet to be agreed.

Any club which falls foul of the spending limits would face heavy fines or potentially points reduction.

Discussions took place this week with League One clubs due to meet again next week and the EFL are fully committed to salary caps to help ease the financial crisis after the coronavirus pandemic.

But clubs are already telling players and agents that it could be delayed until the 2021/22 season because of time constraints.

The Professional Footballers’ Association has already warned players that it would be illegal for clubs to try and reduce wages midway through a contract without consent.

PFA bosses have written to every player to tell them it would be “unlawful” to bring in a cap without permission and the resistance is causing even more hold-ups for the EFL.

The PFA has made it clear that it would not block salary caps as they are aware of the financial dangers facing clubs but wants full consultation.

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