Fans say player should get ‘prison sentence not a red card’ for horror tackle

A footballer who made a sickening hip-high challenge on an opponent has been slammed after footage appeared online.

A seven-second clip of the shocking tackle from the Australian Collegiate League game between Sturt Lions and Adelaide Uni has been doing the rounds on Twitter – and it doesn't make for pretty viewing.

In the video, a player receives an underweighted pass on the right-hand side of the pitch. The lack of strength on the ball invites pressure from a member of the opposition, who launches himself into a challenge. But the attempted tackle goes badly wrong as the player leaps off the ground and careers into his opponent with his studs up at near waist height.

In the background, screams and yells can be heard from those standing on the touchline, while a member of the injured players' team appeals to the match referee.

According to the person who posted the footage, the aggressor received a second yellow card for the challenge on the player, who is only 19 years of age. The user added that the victim was ok.

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Nevertheless, the shocking tackle prompted dozens of comments online from disgruntled fans who demanded the aggressor be dealt a much harsher punishment than just a red card.

One person fumed: "That’s not a red card, that’s a prison sentence." Someone else said: "Send this video to the league and challenge the rulings. That calibre of tackle warrants at least a three game suspension."

A third person added: "What a rat." While another user commented: "Scumbag, be a proper scrap after that." An additional response read: "What an a*******. Honestly what’s the point? Could ruin a boy's working career and for what? With this being on video he shouldn’t be allowed to play again."

"People like this shouldn’t play the game," said another. "There’s bad challenges then there’s horrible challenges. People that play amateur/junior have jobs, careers and families to take care of. This could put all that in jeopardy."

The video has so far clocked up over 334,000 views on social media.

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