Fans moan a European Super League is INEVITABLE

Fans moan a European Super League is ‘INEVITABLE’ after new plans for the breakaway competition were announced… but others hit back and tell administrators to ‘leave football alone’

  • Fresh plans for a controversial European Super League have been revealed 
  • A refined Super League would see 80 teams take part across four divisions
  • Football fans were quick to comment on the proposals and express their views 

Football fans have moaned that a European Super League inevitable after new plans were announced on Thursday, but others were quick to slam the fresh ideas.

A22, the company wishing to keep the idea alive following the disastrous launch of the Super League project in April 2021, sketched out plans for a new competition to challenge the Champions League. 

They made the announcement in various European newspapers on Thursday and claim the plans have been drawn up after detailed conversations with clubs around the continent. 

The revised plans for a breakaway competition would see up to 80 teams involved but no permanent members as organisers brace for another battle with UEFA. 

It comes amid growing concerns about the financial might of England’s Premier League, whose 20 clubs shelled out a combined £815million during the January window.

New plans for a European Super League have been revealed after the failed attempt to launch a controversial breakaway competition in April 2021

A22 Sports Management CEO Bernd Reichart outlined the fresh plans for the Super League which would see 80 teams compete across four divisions and no permanent members

Barcelona and Real Madrid chiefs Joan Laporta (L) and Florentino Perez (R) have continually pushed for a European Super League since it was first proposed back in April 2021

By comparison, the total outlay by top-flight clubs in Spain, Italy, France and Germany combined came to just over a quarter of that figure.

The new competition would comprise of several divisions and involve between 60 and 80 teams with a minimum of 14 matches per club, per season.

Crucially, there will be no permanent members, bringing up the prospect of a promotion and relegation system between the divisions and a merit-based system for getting into the competition. 

And fans were quick to react following Thursday morning’s announcement, with many worrying the determination to push through plans meant a Super League was destined to happen.

One said: ‘Super league is inevitable. Why would billionaires keep ploughing money into the premier league when there are only four champions league places available? Will Chelsea owners be happy with a league cup after spending £600 million?’

Another referenced the current state of the Premier League’s Big Six and added: ‘Not going to lie though with Man City’s pending trial & Chelsea’s American Owners I think those two clubs might decide to change their stance & fully back this Super League proposal.’

A further simply said: ‘Here we go again.’

However, others hit back at the proposals and claimed a Super League would have no appeal whatsoever.

Some fans moaned that after the latest plans the creation of a Super League was inevitable

One quipped: ‘If there’s a breakaway super league of sorts and the league structure went as we know it that’s my interest done with football really.’ 

Another said: ‘When will these f*** wits learn, we don’t want a Super League, we don’t care about having big matches all the f****** time, the magic of Football is in every game, on top of this how do you expect teams to play an additional 14 matches on top of their standard season of matches?’

A further infuriated fan commented: ‘We don’t want a super league. F*** off and leave football the way it is.’

Others said: ‘Organisers are talking nonsense, fans are the biggest stakeholders in football and no fan wants this apart from those outside the UK where they can’t cope financially because the EPL is the best league in the world with the biggest draw for audiences.’

But other supporters hit back, and told football admistrators to just leave the sport alone

Meanwhile, another angry fan highlighted the strength of the Premier League in comparison to other European leagues and added: ‘We don’t want it. The Premier League is already a super league. Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Juventus are the teams pushing for it as they need the money. They are scared of how much the Premier League makes and want a piece of it, or they could be left behind.’

Elsewhere, further supporters questioned the point of a breakaway league.

One said: ‘Apart from money, what is the clamour for a Super League? What does it offer in difference to what European football offers already? They moan about fixture pile up, but another 14 games is okay?’

Another supporter joked: ‘It’ll be great to see Derby County away at Venezia in the European Super League division 3.’

A final fan gave their strong thoughts on the matter and said: ‘The Super League won’t happen without the Premier League and Bundesliga. It’s just gonna be Serie A, Barcelona, Real and Atletico + PSG. That’s worse than the Champions League lol.’ 

Other fans also questioned what the benefits would be if a European Super League was set up

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