Ex-Premier League referee wants Villa’s Trezeguet banned for ‘Platoon dive’

Trezeguet amateur dramatics caused quite the stir online, with some calling his simulation against Brentford a “Platoon dive.”

But his actions have infuriated others, not least former Premier League referee Mark Halsey.

Writing in his column for The Sun, the 60-year-old blasted Aston Villa’s midfielder for his obscene dive and called on the FA to give the Egyptian a ban.

“Trezeguet should be embarrassed by his act of simulation in Aston Villa’s loss to Brentford,” the former ref wrote.

“Trailing 2-1 in injury time, the Villa winger tried to deceive ref Craig Pawson in a bid to win a penalty. Trezeguet dramatically threw himself to the ground after a slight touch from Saman Ghoddos.

“The Egyptian screamed out in pain and clutched his face following minimal contact and I’m sure his manager, Steven Gerrard, will be disappointed with his conduct.

“Simulation is a problem and we need to eradicate it from our game. We simply don’t want it. This is a prime example of where the FA must take retrospective action and hit Trezeguet with a ban.

Is this the worst dive of the season so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

“If no action is taken then all we are doing is encouraging more players to follow suit.”

Upon seeing the replays of the dive on TV, fans expressed their absolute shock online.

One fan even compared the Villa player’s theatrics to the iconic scene in Platoon where Sergeant Ellis, Willem Dafoe's character, dramatically falls to the floor with outstretched arms after being shot.

They wrote: “Trezeguet there with quite possibly the best Platoon impression you’ll ever see."

Another fan added: “Just tuned in to see Villa's Trezeguet pull off the worst dive I've ever seen. Season's greetings.”

A third said: “Horrendous end to the game. Embarassing from Trezeguet.”

The loss saw Brentford leapfrog Aston Villa in the Premier League table. Tree points felt like a final break away from the relegation battle they had been embroiled with all season.


However, Villa boss Steven Gerrard expressed his disappointment in letting the Bees score with so few chances.

“They’ve had three good attacks and scored two goals, it’s not good enough from our point of view,” he said.

“If you lose your grit, your fight and your aggression to stop conceding goals it’s going to leave you vulnerable.”

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