Ex-Celtic & Rangers player hit ex for eating crisps while wearing his pyjamas

Former Celtic and Rangers youngster Ciaran Dickson has admitted harassing and stalking his ex-girlfriend.

The 20-year-old also hit his former partner and threatened to share an intimate video of her amid a series of events occurring between May and November last year after their relationship came to an end.

Paisley Sheriff Court heard how he punched the girl, 20, because she was eating crisps while wearing his pyjamas, report the Daily Record. Prosecutor Susan Barr said: "On May 22 they were in the accused’s home address, sitting on a bed.

"They had been involved in a disagreement and were making attempts to remedy matters when Mr Dickson punched her to the upper part of her right arm, which caused her to feel numb.

"At the time she was wearing his pyjamas while eating crisps and he didn’t want the pyjamas to smell like the crisps."

Later that month, Dickson confronted his ex while she was with friends at a pub. He grabbed her by the arm and lifted her up by the collar, saying “I’ll take the jaw off you" as he forced her to leave.

On a separate occasion, he visited the restaurant where she worked and threatened to assault her or damage her car. After she'd began working in a different pub, he continued to show up.

As well as calling her "a slut", he repeatedly told her he'd be “waiting outside” her home and one time called her and said he would “show” her “what a real threat is”.

However, he instead returned to the pub and after shouting, swearing and making threats to hurt her, she called the police and he left.

Dickson was arrested at his home the following day. Allegations that he had also prevented her from leaving his home so she could go to work, and punched her car, were dropped.

He was due to go on trial over the claims on Wednesday but pleaded guilty to a reduced charge. Sheriff Bruce Erroch QC called for background reports to be prepared and adjourned sentencing until next month.

Dickson, then 19, moved from Rangers to Celtic in the summer of 2021 and was tipped for a bright future. He was later released by the Hoops and is currently without a club.

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