England reveal lavish Wembley plans with re-designs and £9m upgrade

England reveal lavish Wembley plans with grand changing room re-designs and £9million pitch and stadium upgrade with features set to be debuted during Carabao Cup final

  • The FA have implemented lavish developments to England’s Wembley stadium 
  • Changing rooms have been overhauled as part of a general £9million investment
  • A plan was in place to prevent Wembley falling behind Tottenham’s new stadium
  • Some of the new features will be seen during Sunday’s Carabao Cup final 

England have revealed grand developments for Wembley stadium, as they prepare to ensure the iconic national stadium remains among the world’s best.

The Football Assocication have overseen alterations to the tune of £9million, the fruits of which are set to be seen during Sunday’s Carabao Cup final between Manchester City and Aston Villa.

Manager Gareth Southgate has personally made input into the changes, as he looks to build a last legacy with the Three Lines which will extend far beyond his reign in charge.

England have revealed lavish and grand developments for the iconic Wembley stadium

The changing room has been re-mastered and will be of use to Aston Villa in Sunday’s final

Each player has an individual booth, with lighting, storage and ipad holders

A horse-shoe design features in order to improve accessibility and communication

How the home dressing room used to look prior to the mass redevelopments

Aston Villa, designated as the home team for Sunday’s final, will reap the rewards of state-of-the-art changing room improvements, with 28 individual players booths, each with its own lighting, iPad holder and storage compartments.

The entire shape of the changing room has been reshaped, so as to mimic that of a horse-shoe and improve accessibility and communication.

‘The modern day changing rooms are a lot more open plan,’ FA chief financial officer Mark Burrows told the Evening Standard.

The sleek design is part of a £9million wider redevelopment of the national stadium

The bathrooms sport a minimalist design and lead from the showers to a recovery area

Cryotheraphy chambers have been introduced for the player’s to recover after the matches

A massage and treatment room has been redesigned to maximise space for players and staff

‘We’ve opened it out into a horseshoe. And now, if you are one of the guys on the treatment table you are still ­effectively in the same room as Gareth giving his instructions.

‘These changes were very much driven by Gareth and his team. They came and said: ‘Look, if at some point you are doing this, we’d like it to look like this,’ Burrows added. 

The changes are all part of a £9million upgrade which brings Wembley in line with the world’s best stadiums of the present day.

Large investment has also gone into the first full relaying of the pitch in a decade, to improve the famous surface with pioneering technology. 

The Wembley surface now comprises 4,500 tonnes of material contains Desso fibre underpinning the turf.

For an concept of scale, if the total length of this material was laid end to end, it would stretch one-and-a-half times around the world. 

After being designated as the home team for the Carabao Cup final, Aston Villa will benefit

England boss Gareth Southgate personally had a say on the new designs of Wembley stadium

The new pitch is said to perform better in poorer conditions, and seen by many as the world’s first winter ­window pitch replacement. 

An updated sound system will also make its debut during the final, which features speakers that can reach 142db one mile away.

With the previous floodlights at Wembley unable to be flashed on and off quickly, or turned off intermittently, 368 new bulbs for the floodlights have been installed.

The lights however will not be brought out until next month’s internationals, given the evening kick-offs.

Plush improvements to the hospitality areas around the stadium have also been made.

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