England players met with boos again after taking knee before Euro 2020 friendly

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England players have once again been met with a smattering of boos while they take the knee.

The jeers were eventually drowned out by applause by the crowd at the Riverside Stadium in Middlesbrough, where England are taking on Romania in their final Euro 2020 warm-up friendly.

Manager Gareth Southgate revealed on Saturday that the squad would continue to take the knee despite the disappointing reaction in last week's game with Austria.

They will use the tournament, which starts on Friday, to further promote their position to the watching millions.

Southgate declared: “The first thing is that, collectively, we are very disappointed it happened.

“But we feel more determined than ever to take the knee throughout this tournament.

“The players know the power of their voices and they can make a difference. We accept there might be an adverse reaction but we're going to ignore that and move forward.

“There's an acceptance this gesture is waning in impact because it’s been going for a season.

“But at the European Championships, where the games are shown around the world, that moment just before kick-off will have a significant impact.

“If we can affect only a handful of people, we’ve made the world better for others.”

That decision was taken after a team meeting – and Southgate reckons those who object need to take a look at themselves.

He rapped: “They should put themselves in the shoes of a young England player about to represent his country. If it was their children out there, how would they feel?

“The players are sick of talking about it and will not take questions on it through the tournament. We don’t want to give more oxygen to these people.

“If you don't agree with the situation, you don't have to do anything. But to boo your own team is very strange.”

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