England fans say Fairytale of New York rewrite for World Cup is best song ever

An England fan has taken inspiration from Christmas classic 'Fairytale of New York' to put together ‘the best song ever’.

Featuring Jack Grealish’s calf muscles and a jubilant Luke Shaw, the song dubbed ‘Fairytale of Qatar’ had sent shivers down the spine of England fans on Tiktok. Gareth Southgate’s side face France on December 10 for a place in the World Cup semi-final.

Three Lions’ supporters around the country and Qatar will all need to all be on-song if England stand any chance of overcoming Kylian Mbappe and co. However, they may all have the perfect song to unite them all.

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If it were afforded some more time in the mainstream, it could very easily become a Christmas hit. It’s catchy, it features most of England’s favourite players, and it takes inspiration from one of everybody’s favourite Christmas songs.

And it has absolutely resonated with England supporters who have come across the tune on social media. “How is it actually not awful,” one fan on social media commented.

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“Laugh all you want, this is a tune,” another added, almost disappointingly. “Now lets imagine all of England chanting this, unreal atmosphere,” another wrote online, willing England fans to start rehearsing the lyrics.

One other smitten supporter said, “this is the best England song ever,” while another reached out to his fellow punters by saying, “I need to belt this in a pub”.

For those in love with the Fairytale of Qatar, you all have just over 48 hours to gather your England boy band members and learn the Three Lions’ latest anthem. England and France will get the ball rolling at 7pm on Saturday December 10.

Southgate’s side will need to conjure their very best form to overcome the reigning World Champions. But, with tunes as good as these, they certainly have the backing of a country – if you would like to sing along to the Fairytale of Qatar, the lyrics are below

Fairytale of Qatar full lyrics

They've got calves big as cars,

They've got rivers of Stones,

Harry Kane goes right through you and heads for the goal,

When they first qualified on that cold Wembley,

They promised me Grealish was waiting for me,

He's handsome, he's pretty, He plays for Man City,

When the crowd finished singing they call out for Shaw,

Saka was winning, Conor Coady was chilling,

They embody the spirit of cold Bobby Moore,

The boys of Southgate's England team are sat upon a throne,

And the crowd are singing out, IT'S COMING HOME!


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