EFL: League One & League Two clubs set for decision on player salaries spending cap

Clubs from League One and League Two are meeting on Thursday afternoon to discuss easing their financial pressures by capping spending on players’ salaries.

EFL clubs fear their inability to raise cash through traditional means such as gate receipts, season ticket sales, sponsorship and advertising means their biggest costs – player wages – must be trimmed if they are to survive.

A number of options under discussion could prompt a reduction in the spending on squad wages of all League One and League Two clubs.

  • Eight-team tournaments could decide L1, L2 promotion
  • Bid to wind up Southend adjourned until July

One scheme supported by a group of chairmen and chief executives would cap playing salaries at League One between £2m-£3.5m, while in League Two, clubs could agree to maintain spending on wages to between £1.25m-£1.9m.

An alternative proposal includes an extension of the current system – the Salary Costs Management Protocol – which allows a percentage of turnover to be spent on salaries, ensuring clubs can cover player contracts.

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