Eddie Howe says players are feeling ‘vulnerable’ after positive coronavirus test

Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe says some members of his squad are feeling anxious about a return to football amid the coronavirus crisis.

The Cherries returned to small group training last week along with the rest of the Premier League, but were hit with a bombshell when goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale tested positive for the virus.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Howe admitted the news came as a shock, and that he and the squad were "shook" by it.

"Naturally, the first thing you think about is the player's health," Howe said.

"Then his family and loved ones and making sure he hasn't passed on that infection. There was not one positive within our group during the early stages and we were comfortable and felt OK.

"But as soon as you get that one positive test, that changes the mindset of everybody. Suddenly everyone feels vulnerable, everyone is alerted to the fact that this is serious and real.

"Then the unknown comes into play. That shook us. We are now waiting for our next testing times to see if anyone else was in contact with the player.

"I imagine anxiety is there among the players. I can only imagine they are feeling the same way as I am."

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