David James has hot water on cereal because of milk’s ‘environmental impact’

Premier League icon David James has revealed he uses hot water instead of milk on his cereal to "save the environment".

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live, ex-England keeper James said: "Let's look at it this way, [If you] use milk, milk from cows, or soya milk – as some people like to use. We're talking about environmental impact here, cows produce a lot of methane.

"Methane is a greenhouse gas. Soya milk obviously leads to deforestation. Boiling water is kind of just boiling water isn't it, I mean it's good for the environment!"

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One fan pointed out: "Milk is so good for you providing important calcium, iodine, protein, minerals and vitamins!"

"Boiling water on cereal. He'll be telling us he puts jam on bread next instead of butter," a second added. While a third tweeted: "This isn’t even cereal anymore. He’s drinking soup with croutons!"

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"Off the back of this, I've been told about the former Man City player that used to put tea on his cereal and, honestly, I'm just absolutely flabbergasted," a fourth tweeted. And another added: "Boiling water? Are you having a cup of tea?"

James, who also played for Liverpool, West Ham and Aston Villa in his career, recently admitted to smoking 20 cigarettes per day during his early career: "Peter Taylor was the first one to take me for a warm-up.

"It was weird: ‘We are going to go out for a warm-up.’ He put me through my paces. I thought – ‘hang on a minute. I'm knackered.’

"The fact that I smoked 20 fags a day didn’t help." James added: "You’d be in the bar until two or three o'clock in the morning. And that was just standard!"


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