Cristiano Ronaldo is the ANTITHESIS of Atletico Madrid's values

Cristiano Ronaldo is the ‘ANTITHESIS of Atletico Madrid’s values of effort, generosity, simplicity and humility’, declare club’s supporters’ group – as they insist they ‘would not accept’ signing wantaway Man United star

  • Atletico Madrid’s signing of Cristiano Ronaldo now looks a remote possibility 
  • The Manchester United star has been heavily linked with a move to Atletico
  • The 37-year-old returned to United this week after missing their pre-season tour
  • A supporter group has revealed that they would not accept signing Ronaldo

Atletico Madrid’s signing of Cristiano Ronaldo now looks a remote possibility but the club’s supporters have issued a statement flatly rejecting the idea, just in case.

Atletico fan organisation Union Internacional de Penas del Atletico de Madrid which acts as an umbrela organisation for many of the club’s various supporters’ associations has issued a statement saying they do not want the Manchester United forward at their club.

The declaration posted on their website and published on social media said: ‘Given the possibility that the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo is more than just a rumour we express our absolute rejection of any hypothetical incorporation into our club.

Atletico Madrid supporters’ club insist they ‘would not accept’ signing star Cristiano Ronaldo

Union Internacional de Penas del Atletico de Madrid issued a statement sharing their opinions

‘The aforementioned player represents the antithesis of the values that are the hallmarks of our Atleti, such as effort, generosity, simplicity and humility.

‘Even in the unlikely event that a player in decline such as Cristiano Ronaldo could secure a title; we would not accept his signing.

‘The sense of belonging to our Atletico is not something that is within his reach, to his misfortune, so he could never achieve our affection or recognition. Therefore, we ask the club to reject his possible signing, if he has ever been considered.’

The group posted a declaration on their website and social media over the Ronaldo’s rumours

Atletico president Enrique Cerezo claimed the idea had never been considered on Tuesday night saying that he did not know where the idea had come from.

This contradicts him not ruling out the possibility last week. Ronaldo’s agent is understood to have offered the player to the club and Atletico’s response was to make it clear it would be considered if either Antoine Griezmann or Alvaro Morata could be sold.

But such has been the reaction of Atletico supporters to the idea that the club have looked to publicly step back from any interest in Real Madrid’s all-time top scorer.

Even if the club had been able to convince supporters they would have struggled to make the transfer financially viable because of the need to sell Griezmann or Morata first.

Atletico Madrid president Enrique Cerezo said his club could not afford any move for Ronaldo

Even if Atletico convinced supporters on Ronaldo, they would struggle to do it financially

Griezmann will cost Atletico Madrid 33m euros next season because of his 20m wages and because the club are obliged to buy him for 40m euros from Barcelona at the end of the season if he plays a certain number of game.

They will have to include a third of that fee (13m) in their accounts to La Liga next year.

If Griezmann moves on the club will be 33m euros lighter and would have been able to contemplate signing Ronaldo. But the difficulties of finding a suitor for Griezmann or for Morata was proving problematic.

Atletico Madrid finished last season with losses after failing to sell players before the end of June.

Atletico’s response was to make it clear a Ronaldo deal would be considered if either Antoine Griezmann (left) or Alvaro Morata (right) could be sold

The club was around 40m euros in excess of its squad spend limit although the situation improved when German Berterame was transferred from Atletico de San Luis to Monterrey in Mexico. 

Atletico Madrid own half of Atletico de San Luis so they made 8m euros from the deal bringing down their losses to 32m euros.

They have also been able to increase revenue with a new sponsor, the real estate company Civitas, who will put their name to the Metropolitano Stadium over the next 10 years. And by negotiating a better deal with Nike.

As a consequence they can trade freely and are not obliged, as Barcelona have been, to spend only a quarter or a third of money coming in.

But they still had to sell big to buy. And fan reaction to the possible acquisition of Ronaldo has considerably weakened their commitment to trying to do that.

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