Crawley Town called ‘joke’ after scouting ‘Sidemen FC charity match’ for players

Crawley Town have been blasted as a ‘joke’ after announcing that they would be scouting players at Sideman FC’s charity match.

The League Two outfit posted on social media that they would be sending professionals to watch some of the footballers on show.

The southern club announced that they were in a new partnership with The Sidemen – a YouTube collective of young lads founded by vlogger-turned-boxer KSI and his friends. The 2022 Sidemen FC Charity Match on September 24 will feature some of the biggest content creators on show, with some of the biggest internet celebrities, such as Logan Paul and Chunkz, taking part at Charlton's The Valley stadium.

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The move comes after the club was taken over by WAGMI United, a crypto sports company. But the innovation has not gone down well with supporters of the club and beyond.

One wrote: “All that so a YouTuber could potentially sit on their bench for an FA Cup game. “But imagine the extra tickets sold!” Match going fans don’t want their club to become an experiment in exchange for a few quid. What a brain dead idea.”

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Another stated: “Imagine being a Crawley Town loyal and seeing them tweet this sh**e.”

A third scathed: “Tweeted the other day saying we couldn’t become more of a joke after the whole ‘fans pick the team thing’. But wait, every week @WAGMIUnited surprise us. Crawley town to scout players at a YouTuber match, grow the f*** up.

Someone stated: "Hahaha Crawley Town are a joke. Looking forward to seeing the Dion Conroy / KSI centre back pairing though."

A last one wrote: “I honestly feel so sorry for the fans of Crawley! This is pretty embarrassing and I’d be outraged with the disrespect shown if I was a fan of the club! Also seems pretty disrespectful to the FA Cup!”

Meanwhile, a podcast sponsored by WAGMI called the Lower League Look, tweeted out that even they were against the idea. “For those who are giving us pelters for this… We quite openly said not to do this. When their Owners Box video drops on YT you'll get to see the actual reaction we gave. Even @WAGMIUnited will tell you that we asked them to reconsider this as recent as this morning.”

Preston Johnson Crawley’s co-chairman said in a statement posted to the club’s website: “It’s no secret that we want Crawley Town FC to become ‘The Internet’s Team.’ And while we’re normally referring to growing a global community of online fans when we use that term, why can’t it also refer to the players we scout and recruit to join our squad?

“We know this is an unconventional idea, to say the least. But we’ve never been shy about doing things differently, and we’re excited about partnering with The Sidemen and the opportunity to scout their charity match to potentially identify a couple of quality footballers who can join the club ahead of our first FA Cup match.”

Starting in 2013, the Sidemen have 130 million combined subscribers on YouTube and millions more followers on all their other social media channels.

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