Coronavirus to cause billions in Premier League losses due to scheduling chaos

The threat of no more football on these shores – or Europe – before the summer is growing with the UK government this week poised to BAN all gatherings of more than 500 people and a meeting of the Premier League scheduled for Thursday.

That will all but kill off hopes of the Premier League and EFL campaigns ever being finished – and leave the English game facing a truly eye-watering, bank-busting bill.

Taking into account the loss of TV rights money, matchday revenue, European and domestic cup cash prize money, the total soars past the £1billion mark.

But throw in the huge drops in individual club market value, that figure rockets to an absolutely astronomical sum.

Manchester United , for example, have had £613m wiped off their share price during the last three weeks of corona chaos on the world stock markets.

That is a 25 per cent crash. If you factor a similar fall across the rest of the top flight, the values lost hit £9billion.

Much like the Covid-19 disease itself, the hefty price off football’s lockdown – home and abroad – is spiraling with each and every day of grim news regards the battle to contain the virus.

No wonder the likes of Championship pacesetters Leeds United and West Brom are planning a legal war against the game’s rulers should they be denied promotion into the top flight.

That alone would rob each of around £150m in Premier League TV money next season.

Here, laid out in gory detail, is the potential number-crunching cost of the killer flu on the Beautiful Game in England:

Matchday Revenue:

Premier League: £100m

EFL Championship: £36m

League One: £6.9m

League Two: £3.6m

Matchday Revenue total loss: £146.5m

Prize Money:

FA Cup: £15m

Champions League: £64m

Europa League: £26m

Prize money total loss: £105m

Domestic TV Rights:

Premier League: £750m

Championship: £30m

TV Rights total loss: £780m

PL Club Value:

PL Club Value total loss: £9.25billion


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