Coronavirus chaos could see out-of-contract players sign weekly deals

Professional players whose contracts are set to expire at the end of June may allegedly be permitted to sign week-by-week deals if the season runs throughout the summer.

A number of high-profile Premier League players, including Chelsea's Willian, David Silva of Manchester City and Tottenham defender Jan Vertonghen are approaching the end of their current contracts, and would have been expecting to search for new clubs.

With the Premier League suspended until April 3 due to the coronavirus outbreak, however, there is a chance the season could be finished over the summer, meaning games could be played beyond May and into June, July and August.

And according to The Athletic should the season be extended FA and FIFA could grant special dispensation for short-term rolling deals.

However it appears not everybody is in agreement with the potential short-term deals, with one agent saying of his client: "If he's offered a short-term deal I'll replay by demanding a four-year contract."

Premier League chiefs are expected to meet on Thursday to discuss what is to be done to resolve the season.

According to the Evening Standard the league may need to take a vote from clubs on whether to scrap the season altogether.

Premier League rules state that a majority of 14 clubs must agree in order for any new legislation to be passed.

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