‘Clown’ Man Utd fan gets ‘owned’ after goading Barcelona supporters over draw

A Barcelona supporter pinched the hat off a goading Manchester United fan’s head.

Erik ten Hag’s side held the Catalans to a very commendable 2-2 draw in the first leg of their Europa League play-off tie. Marcus Rashford contributed his 22nd goal in all competitions, before providing the teasing cross which caused Jules Kounde to divert the ball into his own net.

One particular United fan was so pleased and cocky about the result, he got touch tight with the flexi glass separating home fans from away supporters and proceeded to goad the Barcelona fans, while slapping the glass. But he very quickly realised he'd made the wrong decision.

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The Red Devils fan hit the glass while singing ‘you’ve seen United, now f*** off home’. One angry Barcelona fan punched the other side of the glass, causing a very mild fright for the United supporter.

However, he didn't learn his lesson, as he continued to taunt the Blaugrana faithful while they exited the stadium. And after the gloating visitor repeated his borish chant, one Barcelona fan decided he'd had enough.

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With the very same zip, guile and speed of thought Lionel Messi produced when he dazzled in the Nou Camp, one quick thinking home fan darted to the partition, leaned over the top and swiped the hat right off his head.

Not only did watching Barcelona fans point and laugh at the outcome, many of the unlucky supporter's fellow United fans also laughed and jeered at him. Strangely, the hapless United fan then grabbed his own shirt and pulled it over his head.

Fortunately for the humiliated United fan, denial and cognitive dissonance soon set in and he proceeded to restart his chants as if nothing had ever happened. Sadly for him, his fellow United comrades saw everything, not to mention the 122,200 people (at the time of writing) who have watched a video of the incident that has since gone viral.

At least he provided some amusement for fans online, with one commenting "what a weapon – now he’s going home with that haircut on full display", and another congratulating the Barcelone supporter who "owned that clown". Needless to say, the now hatless fan will be hoping for better luck, if he goes to watch the second leg at Old Trafford on February 23.

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