Chelsea and Premier League condemn 'VILE' homophobic chanting

Chelsea and the Premier League condemn ‘VILE’ homophobic chanting during their 1-0 loss at Molineux… after Wolves’ plea over PA system to stop ‘rent boy’ song fell on deaf ears

  • Three people arrested after ‘vile’ homophobic chanting aimed at Chelsea fans 
  • Wolves forced to warn fans over the PA system about their offensive behaviour
  • Discriminatory chants condemned by Chelsea, Wolves and the Premier League

Three people have been arrested after ‘vile’ homophobic chanting was aimed at Chelsea fans during their match against Wolves at Molineux.

Wolves were forced to make a PA announcement warning fans about their offensive behaviour after the song was heard from a section of home supporters in the second half on Saturday.

But that fell on deaf ears and they merely responded by repeating it and declaring ‘we’re Wolverhampton, we’ll sing what we want’.

The discriminatory chants were later condemned by Chelsea, Wolves and the Premier League.

In a statement, Chelsea said: ‘Chelsea football club finds all forms of discriminatory behaviour totally unacceptable. It condemns the homophobic chanting by some home fans at Molineux this afternoon. Chelsea will continue to work with Chelsea Pride and the broader football community to eradicate these vile chants from our game.’

Chelsea have hit out at ‘vile’ homophobic chanting from Wolves fans during Saturday’s match

The Premier League said: ‘The homophobic chanting heard at the Wolverhampton Wanderers versus Chelsea fixture today has no place in football or society. The Premier League condemns all forms of discrimination. Football is for everyone.’

And Wolves spokesperson said: ‘We strongly condemn the discriminatory chants aimed towards Chelsea supporters at today’s game.

‘In response to the chants, supporters were reminded by a public address system announcement that discriminatory behaviour and chants of this nature are not tolerated at Molineux.

‘Homophobia, like all other forms of discrimination, has no place in football or society, and anyone engaging in discriminatory behaviour is committing a criminal offence.

‘As a result, we can confirm that three arrests were made by West Midlands Police relating to homophobia, and the discriminatory chants in question.

‘Our ethos at Wolves is about being ‘One Pack’ – an attitude we are passionate about and that extends to our relationships across the football community, regardless of rivalries or what happens on the football pitch.

‘We thank all supporters and staff who reported incidents, and will continue to campaign for inclusivity and tackle discriminatory abuse, whether inside stadiums or online.

‘The club will offer its full support to the police as they carry out their investigation.’

The FA have previously launched investigations into the singing of the song after it was heard at a number of games earlier this year. 

A Liverpool fan was fined after being charged with a homophobic hate crime for singing the chant at last season’s FA Cup final while a Tottenham fan was arrested for homophobic chanting following their win against Chelsea in February.

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