Chelsea and Liverpool fans rage at VAR as Mateo Kovacic’s stunning goal checked

Fans have blasted the checking of Mateo Kovavcic’s superb goal against Liverpool, saying the decision to pause the game to review the footage was "laughable."

The Chelsea midfielder scored a jaw-dropping goal to bring his side back to 2-1 in their game against the Reds, stepping backwards before hitting a perfectly-struck volley that kissed the post on its way in.

The goal, however, had to go through a VAR check as it looked as though Antonio Rudiger was in an offside position.

But the subsequent check has been ridiculed online, with many saying that it was unnecessary to review.

One wrote on social media: “Got to be one of the most laughable VAR checks on record.”

Another said: “Why did they even spend so long looking at the offside? VAR is absolutely dreadful – get rid of it!”

A third said: “Absolutely embarrassing that they checked that.”

One wrote: “How many VAR checks are needed today? Seems like refs been instructed to ruin the game and stay relevant.”

Another said: “Gary Neville is every football fan there. Both VAR checks.”

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One stated: “The fact that VAR has even looked at Kovacic’s goal is unbelievably embarrassing!!.”

A last one said: “Kovacic’s goal is a big reason why VAR is being used wrong. They spent 2 minutes specifically trying to find something wrong with a completely fine goal.”

Klopp, who wasn’t in attendance at the game after testing positive for Covid, recently spoke out against referee Paul Tierney, saying that he did not use the video technology enough.

The German manager said: “Mr Tierney told me Diogo [Jota] stops on purpose because he wants the foul. First and foremost if you want to shoot you have to stop because you cannot do both," he said in a post-game interview.

“It is always helpful when you play football yourself. When you see the situation back (Diogo Jota’s penalty appeal), the VAR is there. Why is he stopping? I don’t understand. The draw is fine.

"We are not crazy enough to think we cannot draw at Tottenham but these situations are crucial."

“I have no idea what his [referee Paul Tierney] problem is with me.

"I was a bit more emotional in the game but he gives me a yellow card but it is not allowed in a situation like this? He comes over and gives me a yellow card but I’d have preferred the right decisions on the pitch.”

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