Brad Jones: Brendan Rodgers' 'envelope trick' fell flat straight away

Ex-Liverpool keeper Brad Jones reveals Brendan Rodgers’ ‘envelope trick’ fell flat on the Reds’ squad straight away… because he accidentally held them up into a light that showed NOTHING was written inside them!

  • Brad Jones discussed Brendan Rodgers’ infamous ‘envelope trick’ at Liverpool
  • The attempted motivational technique backfired instantly on the Reds manager 
  • Jones revealed everyone knew immediately nothing was inside the envelopes

Former Liverpool goalkeeper Brad Jones has opened up on Brendan Rodgers’ infamous ‘envelope trick’. 

Rodgers was sacked as Reds manager after slightly more than three years at Anfield, and gained notoriety for his bizarre attempts at motivational techniques. 

One stunt involved taking three envelopes into his first pre-match conferences as boss, holding them up to his squad and telling them the names in the envelopes would let him down during the season.

The Northern Irishman then said: ‘Don’t be in the envelope, make sure you’re not the one.’ They lost 3-0 against West Bromwich Albion the next day.

And Jones told the Liverpool Echo how the players really responded to his mind games.

He said: ‘The thing with the envelopes was a funny one. I think it was Glen Johnson who said he’d actually seen it before, I think it was (former Chelsea manager Jose) Mourinho who had done it. 

Brad Jones has opened up on Brendan Rodgers’ infamous ‘envelope trick’ (above) at Liverpool

Australian goalkeeper Jones (above) spent five years at Liverpool, three of which with Rodgers

‘When he did it, as we were sitting and he was talking, he put the envelopes up and you could actually see straight through them, just the way that the light caught them. 

‘I just remember sitting there thinking, ‘I don’t think there’s anything in those envelopes!’

‘But for me Brendan was and is a very good coach. You can see what he’s doing with Leicester. Coaches always try things here and there to grab people’s attention or give them a little push. When they’re being filmed, it doesn’t always go so smoothly.’ 

Australian Jones made 27 appearances in all competitions across his five seasons on Merseyside, winning the League Cup in 2012.  

The Northern Irishman was renowned for his bizarre motivational techniques at Anfield

That season, cameras were allowed behind the scenes for the Being: Liverpool documentary, hence why cameras caught Rodgers’ move.

Striker Luis Suarez had said about the trick: ‘If I was excited (about Rodgers’ reign), others were worried. And no, not because of the famous envelopes that appeared during a TV documentary about the club. 

‘Mostly, we just joked about that… but the manager’s methods really worked for us.

‘We never did find out what was written in those envelopes. I’m sure there were no names, it was just a way of motivating us; a tactic to make sure we gave everything. And in truth it got forgotten pretty quickly.’

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