Blackburn squad caught manager Mark Hughes in nightclub after order to players

The entire Blackburn Rovers squad once caught manager Mark Huges on a night out during a mid-season trip abroad, after he had ordered them to stay in ahead of a big Premier League fixture.

David Bentley played for the Lancashire side for three years, competing in the top-half of the league table before moving onto Tottenham Hotspur.

But, despite his success on the pitch, the tricky winger was also renowned for his antics off the pitch.

On a squad trip to Orlando in February 2008, the ex-England international was famously stopped by US police after stealing the team's shuttle bus.

Now, speaking to Soccer AM’s Tubes on his Golf Life series, Bentley remembered a time when he and his team-mates caught manager Mark Hughes breaking his own curfew rules.

“Another one with that Orlando trip,” Bentley began. "We got to the sixth night, and he [manager Mark Hughes] was like, ‘lads, you’ve got games coming up, I don’t want you out tonight’.

“We were going, ‘you what? That’s a bit weird, because you’ve let us do what we want all week’.

“We’ve got a party booked at this place Tiger Woods used to go to, it’s a proper decent night."

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the former midfielder remembered that the squad decided to continue with their plans despite their manager’s instructions.

He continued: “So we snuck out, got our own cabs; the whole team, not just five of us, like everyone.

“We’re in the club, getting the table and all that, having a laugh. I’ve gone to the toilet, and I’m just in the cubicle, I look to my left, Mark Hughes the manager is there.

“He wanted us to stay inside so he could take all the coaches out.

“All the coaching staff were over on the other side, we were like, ‘wheeyyy!’

Bentley initially signed on loan for Blackburn after coming through the youth ranks at Arsenal, and he remembered that upon seeing his boss he worried about his place in the team.

“I was a young lad, and Hughes is a legend, I wanted to please him, so I just went, ‘sorry gaffer’,” he explained.

“He just came over and said, ‘make sure, because you’ve done this, if you lose to Bolton at the weekend’…"

And, despite their unapproved outing, Bentley remembered that the team went on to win 4-1 against Bolton upon their return.

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