Benjamin Mendy’s prison ‘plagued with inmate attacks’ and ‘tangled web of gangs’

Benjamin Mendy has been categorised as a vulnerable prisoner at Liverpool's HMP Altcourse – where there has been 338 inmate assaults in the last year.

The Manchester City and France defender, who was not given permission to return to his mansion in Cheshire after the charges came to light – he faces six counts of rape and one of sexual assault.

Mendy, 27, was moved from court to the Category B prison on October 1, and will remain there until his January 24 trial at the earliest after having three bail requests rejected.

Details have now emerged about the conditions in HMP Altcourse, which is said to have a "tangled web of gangs" and almost 30 attacks on inmates each month.

The Sun report that there were 338 assaults within the prison walls between July 2020 and June of this year, with weapons being used in 35 incidents.

Additionally, 53 attacks led to police referrals for prosecution, with one prisoner melting a razor blade into a toothbrush and receiving 10 months extra on their sentence.

The average of 29 assaults per month work out at almost one a day, which were detailed in an annual report from the Independent Monitoring Board.

Their report included the passage: "The prison’s local and urban catchment area has led to more conflict which takes place in the community moving inside the walls.

"To this end one officer spends considerable time trying to unpick the tangled web of Liverpool gangs.

"During the reporting period the average prison population was 1113 with the number of assaults averaging 29 per month which represents slightly over 2 per cent.

"Of these, 21 were prisoner on prisoner and 8 on staff."

Adding: "Of the total number of 338 assaults throughout this year, there were 35 incidents of weapon use and 53 police referrals for prosecution."

Manchester City suspended Mendy back in August pending an investigation, after he had started their first Premier League game of the season against Tottenham.

The club said at the time: "Manchester City can confirm that following his being charged by police today, Benjamin Mendy has been suspended pending an investigation.

"The matter is subject to a legal process and the Club is therefore unable to make further comment until that process is complete."

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