Barcelona's Gerard Pique savages Villarreal boss Unai Emery

Barcelona’s Gerard Pique goes on the warpath AGAIN as he savages Villarreal boss Unai Emery days after posting his WAGE SLIP online in feud with a Spanish journalist

  • Gerard Pique has become embroiled in a spat with Villarreal boss Unai Emery  
  • Pique backed up claims Valencia were ‘robbed’ in their match against Madrid  
  • Emery said Pique should ‘not deceive people’ after handballing against his side
  • The Barcelona defender hit back that the former Arsenal boss should ‘get over it’
  • It comes after he posted his payslip online following a row with Spanish media 

Pique has become embroiled in yet another war of words – this time hitting back at Villarreal boss Unai Emery after the Spanish coach told him to ‘stop deceiving people’ following his criticism of Real Madrid.

The Barcelona defender had backed up claims Valencia were ‘robbed’ in their 4-1 loss to Los Blancos, but Emery was far from pleased with his views – accusing him of hypocrisy after he allegedly handballed against his Villarreal side earlier this season.

The Catalan outfit won 3-1 against his team in November, with the incident involving Pique one of the major talking points, and Emery questioned why the Spaniard had not spoken up about it but was keen to highlight how Madrid had benefitted from refereeing decisions.  

Barcelona’s Pique has become embroiled in a war of words with Villarreal boss Unai Emery (R)

Emery said Pique should ‘not deceive people’ after criticising Madrid despite allegedly handballing against his Villarreal side

Emery said in a press conference: ‘Pique yesterday took Twitter to talk about refereeing in the match between Real Madrid and Valencia match.

‘But he forgot that there was a clear penalty for us that was not called when he saved the with his hand in the penalty area against us.

‘Instead of staying silent, you have to be honest and not deceive people.’

The comments sparked an angry response from Pique on Twitter, with the World Cup-winning star pointing out that Emery had a history of complaining about decisions, saying he had still been discussing refereeing calls from PSG’s 6-1 defeat to Barcelona three years after the match had taken place. 

‘This is a person who three years later was still complaining about the referee in the 6-1. Get over it, Unai.’ 

Pique told Emery to ‘get over it’, referencing his complaining about PSG’s 6-1 loss to Barca three years after the match had taken place

Pique has been on a warpath in recent weeks after hitting out at Spanish reports that claimed he was Barcelona’s top earner

The centre-back posted a picture of his wages (£1.94m) for the final six months of 2021

Pique has been on something of a warpath in the last week after furiously hitting out at Spanish journalists who claimed he was the club’s top earner.

He went to extraordinary lengths to prove this was not the case – incredibly posting his payslip on social media to show that he had actually earned just £2million in six month. 

The Barcelona defender was accused of clearing €14million (£11.7m) a season from the crisis club, by Catalan television presenter Lluis Canut. 

But Pique, who is married to pop star Shakira, revealed on Twitter that half his yearly salary, paid to him in December totalled €2,328,884.39 (£1.94m). 

Pique tweeted: ‘People like this are paid by public television to defend their friends. Here is 50% of my salary as of 30 December. Have a bit of respect for yourself.’ 

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