Ask Crouchie! Peter Crouch is back to answer YOUR questions

Ask Crouchie! Peter Crouch is back to answer YOUR questions… on why Jurgen Klopp must be shown more respect, Jose Mourinho still IS the man to beat Pep Guardiola at Wembley… and being Harry Redknapp’s new scout!

  • Sportsmail‘s resident columnist Peter Crouch is back to answer your questions… 
  • Jurgen Klopp deserves more respect and his work with Liverpool is unbelievable
  • Despite Tottenham’s struggles, Jose Mourinho should lead them out at Wembley 
  • Harry Redknapp is back at Bournemouth and has Peter on speed dial… 

Another dramatic week has generated lots of talking points for Peter Crouch. 

From Liverpool’s continuing woes to Jose’s P45, Sportsmail‘s resident columnist, safe in his new role as Chief European Scout at Bournemouth (not really), tackles your questions…

His answers are sure to spark a debate! 

Peter Crouch answers more of your questions as part of a weekly series here for Sportsmail

Do you think there is any chance that Jurgen Klopp is the next Premier League manager to leave his club?

Kevin McGuinness via Twitter

No, Kevin. I really don’t see that happening. Jurgen Klopp has been – and continues to be – outstanding for Liverpool and if there are any supporters who think his time is over, I would suggest they take a long, hard look at themselves. What that man has done for their club is unbelievable.

Klopp is grieving at the moment and people would do well to stand back and give him some respect. 

I can’t imagine how he feels having lost his mum and he also has had to contend with the added upset of not being able to return for her funeral. What a dreadful set of circumstances it is.

Fans who think Klopp’s time at Liverpool is up should take a long, hard look at themselves 

Whenever the time comes for Klopp to move on, it should be left for him to decide – nobody else.

Look at his achievements: Liverpool have contested finals, won the biggest prizes, seen players of great potential become world-class superstars under his guidance.

True, the title defence hasn’t gone to plan but let’s not forget that Liverpool were top of the table on Christmas Day and they are dealing with a remarkable injury list.

This decline isn’t terminal. History shows Klopp isn’t someone who walks away in difficult moments. Why would he do it now?

Can anyone stop Man City completing a domestic clean sweep? And will they add the Champions League?

Steve Botts via Twitter

If we are using Saturday and the way they brushed Tottenham aside 3-0 as evidence, Steve, the Premier League is in the bag and the Carabao Cup, too. Liverpool were the only team who could stop City becoming champions realistically but the Reds’ target is now the top four.

So it’s odds-on for two trophies. The FA Cup? It’s going to be tricky against Everton in the quarter-finals but, again, going to Goodison Park when no fans are there is completely different from when the stadium is full and it feels like you are walking into a cage fight.

I cannot see City losing any game they play right now and, from nowhere, they have got back to the form they showed in 2017-18 when getting 100 points.

Manchester City don’t look like losing any game right now amid their incredible run of form 

They are a frightening proposition and they are doing it without a striker. Imagine if they signed Erling Haaland or Harry Kane?

Europe is the great unknown. They have struggled to get over the line with Pep Guardiola as manager but, one of these days, it will happen. 

My gut feeling is a clean sweep is a step too far. It wouldn’t surprise me, though.

Did Jamie Vardy get a fair shot with England – and has a lack of international football preserved him?

Joe Maxwell via email

Let’s look at it this way, Joe. He played 26 times for England and got seven goals; he was in squads for three years and went to two tournaments but in that time he was never a guaranteed starter.

That’s what made him make the decision to retire from international football in 2018.

In the following three seasons, he’s continued to go from strength to strength. I absolutely love him as a player and I think Gareth Southgate would happily include him in a squad if he ever got the chance to do so.

But Jamie has made up his mind and we have to respect that. I know from experience the difference you feel physically from not being in an England squad. Roy Hodgson chose to retire me – I never made the decision myself – but I benefited from being able to take the odd short break during the season. 

It’s probably working that way for Jamie, too.

Jamie Vardy may be benefitting from taking short breaks during international fixtures this year

Do you think Jose Mourinho will still be at Spurs for the Carabao Cup Final?

Mike Smith via email

You have to give him the chance to go to Wembley, Mike, surely?

Is it really so bad at the minute that you would want another man in charge for the clash with Manchester City? Surely Jose deserves the opportunity.

I’ve said before how much I like Mourinho. I’ve always got on well with him, he’s always had a good word and spoken positively about me; he’s always been prepared to give me advice whenever our paths have crossed.

Jose Mourinho still deserves the opportunity to try and lift the Carabao Cup with Tottenham 

But I can’t pretend that things are going well for him at the moment when they clearly aren’t. 

Tottenham have been so disappointing recently but what annoys me about it all is the individual errors that are ruining games. High-profile players are making mistakes that shouldn’t happen.

I know some Tottenham fans who want him to go but if there is any manager who could do a job on Pep Guardiola in a final it is Mourinho.

He wins trophies and while Manchester City are hot favourites to win at Wembley in April’s League Cup final, Tottenham are not out of it. Not with Mourinho in charge.

How long can Sean Dyche keep performing miracles at Burnley before he gets a chance somewhere else?

Richard L via email

I’d say Sean is happy where he is, Richard. He definitely needs some backing from the owners this summer, as he could do with some new players to freshen things up. But what he has built over the years is remarkable and it still surprises me that people turn a blind eye to it.

I’ve spent time away from football with Sean and he is a lively character, full of fun.

But I’ve seen the other side of him, too, and when he set foot into the club’s Barnfield training centre, he changes. 

It is a surprise that some people turn a blind eye to Sean Dyche’s remarkable work with Burnley

You know you are there to work and he will not tolerate people not pulling their weight. Burnley have been a real success story in the Premier League and they have good, technical players.

Look at the goal Matt Lowton scored at Crystal Palace on Saturday – I saw him do things like that in training two years ago, with Dwight McNeil and Ashley Barnes.

They might be in 16th but they are not playing that way. Everything they achieve goes back to Sean.

Are you disappointed that Jonathan Woodgate and Harry Redknapp haven’t been in touch to get you to Bournemouth?

Ashley Simms via email

Who says I haven’t had a call, Ashley? Harry has got me on speed dial, I’ve known Woody for years and if they haven’t got me earmarked for the No 9 shirt at the Vitality Stadium, I’m sure they will want me as Chief European Scout!

Seriously, it’s good to see Woody back in management – even if it is only a short-term thing. People have a perception about him but I’ll tell you now he knows football inside out and he will be an excellent manager in the future.

He speaks Spanish as if he was born in Madrid. Whenever South American players were in our dressing room, he’d be the one laughing and joking with them in their own language – and his experiences in football stand him in good stead.

Woody was a great player who was cursed by injury. He’s a top lad that you would enjoy having a beer with but, more than anything, he is a winner. He’s had amazing experiences through his career and he’ll put them to use in the future.

It is good to see Jonathan Woodgate back in management – he knows football inside out

It’s about time Everton won at Anfield. Have we had a better chance than this Saturday?

Macca J via Twitter

It doesn’t sit easy with me to say this, Macca, but you’re right: what an opportunity this is for Everton. 

They have got to get past the mindset of feeling ‘this is Liverpool at Anfield’, otherwise the wait for a first victory there since September 1999 will go on.

I like Everton. Lucas Digne is class, James Rodriguez has been excellent and Carlo Ancelotti has turned them into a good, solid side. The top four might be just beyond them but there is no reason why they cannot finish in a European place this season. 

Everton have a brilliant opportunity to finally clinch a victory over rivals Liverpool at Anfield

It’s Liverpool v Leipzig in Hungary, Chelsea v Atletico in Romania and Arsenal v Benfica in Rome – have you seen anything so crazy?

Eddie Stewart via email

Oh, Eddie. It’s bizarre but I suppose the only thing we have to be thankful for is the fact football is on television for us to watch to provide a distraction. My dog has never been on so many walks as he has been in the last month, I think he wants me back in front of the box!

The Champions League might not look like it normally does but it remains the best competition there is. If it’s still being played, we can’t really complain.

Until next time, stay safe and well.

We shouldn’t really complain about the bizarre state of the Champions League… at least it’s on!

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