Arsenal's rumoured home kit for next season hints at zigzag design

Arsenal’s rumoured home kit for next season hints at bizarre zigzag design as Adidas strips for Bayern Munich, Juventus and Real Madrid are ‘leaked’

  • Pictures of Arsenal’s rumoured home kit for next season have been leaked  
  • The reported strip keeps red and white colours but features a strange pattern 
  • Other adidas jerseys for Bayern, Juventus and Bayern have also circulated    

Arsenal’s rumoured 2020-21 home kit design has been ‘leaked’ online and appears to feature a strange zigzag pattern across of the body of the shirt. 

FootyHeadlines have revealed a handful of reported kits from major Europeans sides that are made by Adidas, including Bayern Munich, Juventus and Real Madrid – but it is the Gunners that really stands out. 

It’s certainly a kit that has the potential to divide supporters with huge arrow shapes dotted across the front, with Arsenal’s long-time shirt sponsor Emirates still visible below the badge and Adidas’ manufacturer logo.

Arsenal’s rumoured kit from next season features a strange arrowed design across the front 

The classic red and white look is retained, however, with a red pinstripe visible on the sleeves of the jersey.

And while the club used a red and white striped V-neck that was popular amongst fans for the 19-20 season, this shirt appears to go for a simpler white collar. 

Gunners fans have already been reacting to the reported designs on social media after catching a glimpse of the kits, and as expected the reaction is certainly mixed.

One fan called it ‘hideous’, while another said he wasn’t at all impressed with the arrow design. One user said he was a fan of the new pattern but said it was let down by the collar.  

Another interesting kits to be circulated was Real Madrid’s home kit for the 2020-21 season, which keeps the famous all white body but includes an interesting pink camoflage detail on the sleeves.

The pink appears to drip down the sides of the shirt as the colour runs along in a double pinstripe. 

Los Blancos had an all-pink away kit in the 2014-15, and it appears they were impressed with it enough to include aspects of it in this design – should they prove to be legitimate.

Real Madrid’s ‘leaked’ kit has an interesting pink detail on the sleeve and down the sides 

Juventus have reportedly gone for an artistic feel with thicker verticle stripes and gold detail 

The rumoured Bayern Munich kit is a much simpler design with a mainly red and white design

Juventus’ shirt looks familiar although the black stripes running down the white body look much thicker – almost like they’ve been painted on to give an ‘arty’ feel, while there are gold stripes along the side to match the logos.

Bayern’s kit, meanwhile, is not a massive departure from their designs of recent years. The reported shirt is much simpler and removed the dark horizontal lines going across the body from this season, replacing them with a textured verticle pattern.

There is also three white stripes shooting down the sides, which were absent this season and white V-neck collar.

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