Anti-vaccine protestors try ‘serving papers’ to Alan Shearer but get wrong house

Anti-vaccine protestors were left red-faced after trying to hand Premier League icon Alan Shearer with 'papers' over his pro-vaccination push – when they got the wrong address.

The Newcastle hero urged supporters to stay as safe as possible by getting their Covid-19 vaccinations and subsequent booster, and it hasn't gone down well with everyone.

In a video that was shown on social media, a total of five protestors could be seen outside a gated property – with one pressing an electronic buzzer.

Another then posted documents into an external letterbox, with no details on what they might've included, before speaking to the camera.

As reported by the Mail, the man who posted the forms said: "Everyone is going to get this, every celebrity, sick of yous.

"Just causing more trouble for us, lies, all lying.

"That’s the truth in that letterbox there, in Alan Shearer’s f****** house."

However, one person commenting on the video said that the 51-year-old and his family no longer live in the property, with someone telling PA: "That’s an old address they have for him."

Shearer had said on the official Premier League site: "We all want to keep safe on a match day, and the best way we can protect ourselves and other people is to get vaccinated.

"If you are eligible, get you booster booked as soon as possible for the best possible defender against COVID for you and your family.

"All adults age 18 or over can book a booster appointment online or go to a walk in vaccination site without needing an appointment. So get boosted now."

It had been revealed that 77 per cent of players have been double jabbed, and that 16% of stars have had no jabs at all – with 92 per cent of players and staff having at least one.

That comes after it was revealed in October that only six per cent of Bundesliga stars were unvaccinated, with two per cent of Serie A players and staff not having the vaccine.

The Mirror now report that unvaccinated players might be forced to train separately from their jabbed team-mates, which is one of many measures being considered.

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