Aaron Ramsdale claims he trousered £17 from Leeds fans at Elland Road

Aaron Ramsdale claims he pocketed £17 from Leeds fans, who pelted him with coins at Elland Road… and the Arsenal goalkeeper says there was MORE money on the pitch after he blew kisses and winked at the crowd!

  • Leeds fans threw coins at Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale at Elland Road
  • Whites supporters were wound up by the keeper’s ‘s***housery’ during the game
  • And Ramsdale revealed he picked up ‘about £17’ worth of coins off the pitch
  • He joked to England team-mate Kalvin Phillips that his club’s fans must be loaded

Aaron Ramsdale has revealed he pocketed £17 from angry Leeds fans who threw coins at in Arsenal’s 4-1 win against Leeds in December.

The Gunners goalkeeper, signed this summer for £24million, was praised for his ‘s***housery’ in goading opposition fans as he blew kisses, winked and celebrated in front of the Elland Road crowd.

And Ramsdale told Watford counterpart Ben Foster’s podcast that with lighters, e-cigarettes and coins being thrown at him, he took the money back into the dressing room and nearly had 20 quid’s worth.

Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale has claimed he pocketed £17 in coins from Leeds fans

Ramsdale goaded the Elland Road crowd by winking, blowing kisses and celebrating in front of them after Arsenal scored, leading to coins, lighters and e-cigarettes being thrown at him

He said: ‘After the first (goal), there were some bottles and stuff thrown… a few lighters, and I chucked them off to the side. The next thing you know, money started coming on…

‘I’m looking around and there was one £2 – well, I collect £2s, so I took that. Then there’s quids and 50ps, so I’m picking them up and I put them by my towel, (then) at half time I put them in my towel, I run off and put them in the changing room.

‘Second half comes, a few more come, and then an e-cig comes on just before the penalty. So I’ve gone back in and I’m speaking to Kalvin Phillips, going “your fans must be loaded”.

He joked to England team-mate Kalvin Phillips (centre) that Whites supporters ‘must be loaded’

‘It was about £17 I pulled off the pitch, and I’ve missed some money! I couldn’t pick them all up – it was about £17 I took back in.’ 

Ramsdale also revealed a pre-match announcement urging fans to leave him alone might have pushed Whites supporters to wind him up, and said the abuse he gets from Premier League fans pales in comparison to what happens in the lower leagues.

The 23-year-old stopper has helped reinvigorate the Gunners defence, impressing between the sticks with his shot-stopping, confidence and presence and firmly cementing himself as No 1 ahead of German Bernd Leno.   

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